Seek Within to Find the Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Before reading further, take a moment and close your eyes and feel the energy of love We are sending through this electronic medium to you.  Energy of all kinds are avenues for vibrations and right now, We are sending you immense waves of Love for you to receive, heal, and from which you can grow.

Many times, in many ways, and in many places during your lifetime you will be told that you need to do “something” in a particular way to achieve a particular result.  Be assured, that the Creator’s Love for you is not limited by these man-made structures, rules, dictates, or schedules.  The Creator is accessible to you at all times of the day or night and the only thing to dictate when you can receive the Love from the Creator is YOU.

Your willingness to spend time alone in meditation, to ask to receive the Love of the Creator, is all that is needed to open the door to the Creator’s Love – for that doorway exists within you and you alone can give yourself the opportunity for Communion.

We are here to assist you every day, in every way We can provide support to you.  In times as your society is experiencing right now, stress and worry can make it seem as if you are alone, yet the truth is – alone is what you want to be right now.  When you are experiencing solitude, you provide yourself with the opportunity to reach within – to feel for us and your Guides and your High Self, and to reach for the glimmer of Light that is the Creator.  The more you reach for the Creator the stronger that glimmer will become and the easier it will be for you to feel the Love that exists for you.

Once you allow yourself the opportunity to feel this unconditional Love, the worries and the fears you spend so much time on will not matter, for the energy of the Creator’s Love will balance you emotionally and mentally and provide you with the opportunity to look at all things with a fresh perspective.

We Love you, Beloved One!  We are here with you and are assisting and supporting you every day as you live and breathe on the Earth Plane.  Call upon us and ask us to assist you with whatever challenge you are facing and We will send you the vibration of Love, Support, Courage, Honesty, Integrity – and all other manner of Light Vibrations that can be used for your highest and best good.

You are not alone – but solitude is required at times to return you to a place where you are open and willing to open to the Light and the Love that is available to you every day, in every moment, so that you can reconnect with your True Self.

Blessings to you!  We Love you and are here with you!  Call upon Us and We will answer in less than a moment!

Love is the Way

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

We are always here with you, supporting you and providing you with strength during times of weakness, times of fear.  Even when your world appears turbulent and your trust in humanity seems shattered, remember that you are not alone and that Truth exists within each and every human on the Earth Plane.

There does not exist, in the human Earth plane, a singular path to follow to be able to reach the Love of the Creator.  This Love exists within each living being for each was created by the Creator, but the vast majority of those alive have never consciously felt that Love, or if they did they misunderstood what it was.

Humans have created and recreated and recreated again over millennia different forms, different processes, different rituals that promote “their way”.  If you do x and y and then eat x and not y you will achieve nirvana, you will feel Jesus, you will have “this” result.

There is no one way for all to be able to commune with Spirit, to feel the Love of the Creator.  It is not a matter of locale or background.  What matters is the person themselves.  All living creatures possess a connection to the Creator that is present regardless of what happens in life to the individual.  As a tiny child your conscious connection to the Creator is diminished so that it does not upset the Life Plan for your current life.  But it is never completely eliminated for it is what keeps you alive, it is the sustenance of All that keeps you present on the earth plane.

Let Us tell you again.  Love is the way of the Creator.  The Creator Loves each and every individual regardless of how they treat others, regardless of what they do in their lives, regardless of everything that happens around them.  Human lifetimes are short, not out of punishment, but because this is the optimal amount of time to be consciously away from the Creator, even though the option to feel the Creator’s Love is always present.

We are here with you as well, representatives of the Love the Creator has for all.  We are always present, We are always here to help you in the ways We can, the ways We are allowed.  We ALWAYS Love you – there is nothing that can be done that is able to separate Us from you.  When you feel alone, that is because you are looking outside of yourself for something – love, satisfaction, approval, etc.  We are here to help you look INSIDE – for that is where the connection to the Creator exists – WITHIN each and every individual.

There is no one “chosen people” by the Creator – the Creator Loves All.  There is no one “preferred” religious practice for many people respond well to a variety of different religions in the world.  Each person is responsible for seeking the Love of the Creator and then each person is responsible for allowing that Love vibration into their life.

Many people don’t want that, though.  Many people are afraid of what might change if they allow that energy to come into their lives, so they avoid it, they come up with reasons why they don’t feel it, why God is not real, why this or that.  All to calm the panic that happens when they feel they are going to be judged by an omnipotent being harshly and then punished for every infraction they committed.

We Angelics Love You.  The Creator Loves You.  This world, this reality, this lifetime was made just for you to have the opportunity to experience a myriad of events, sensations, and feelings.  When you return to Us, you bring that experience with you and it adds to our collective knowledge.  You are valuable even if you don’t think what you have felt or done in this lifetime was particularly spectacular. You are valuable even if you feel that your life would have been better off not lived.  Neither of the last two sentences are Truth, yet so many people feel that they are unworthy, that they are nothing to the Creator when the Truth is you are Everything.

You are the Love the Creator possesses for you. You are the hope the Creator has to experience your facet of reality.  You are the Love that is the human collective and when you are ready, the way will be shown to you on how to connect, how to commune with the Creator.  You just have to be willing to see it, feel it, and hear it.

We are always with you, Beloved Ones.  Call upon us in your time of need or weariness.  Do not lose hope for as long as there is breath there is the opportunity for change, be it of the mind or spirit.

We Love You.


©2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Love is All There Is

Greetings Beloved Ones!

Today is a day of great hope, joy, and celebration for you are soon to be entering a time of opportunity.  Release your fears and allow the Love of the Universe to flow deeply into you, freeing you from the tyranny of the hurts and wounds accumulated over time.  Heal through the Vibration of the Universe accessible to you while you read these words.  Read them as many times as needed to stimulate the Healing needed by you.

Love is a complex thing in the Human World; in the energetic reality of our existence it is All That Is.  The Universe is but One and We are Each part of that One.  The only separation you experience is an illusion created to allow you the life you live as a human.

Realize that the people who surround you are not different from you, they are a part of you.  Indeed, you are a part of them.  We are all part of the Universal and as such we are all made from Love and return to Love in all realities, all forms, regardless of the choices made while human or other incarnated form, for Spirit Loves ALL.

Love one another in as many ways as possible while honoring each other’s life path and Free Will choices.  Share the Love you hold within you with those in your life – don’t withhold it or parse it out as if it were the most precious of metals.  Love IS the most precious thing in your reality and the more you share it, the more it will return to you.

Allow the Love of the Universe to shine through you, allow it to blind those around you, to encompass your etheric bodies and auras and to flood from your eyes as you look around you and gaze upon all in your world.

Love binds all of Spirit’s creations and creatures, large and small, and Love heals all the wounds that exist within.  Take the blessing that is included in this email and heal yourself and allow those around you to heal as well.  Cast down your doubts and fears and allow your true essence to flow into being.

Trust in Spirit, for the Universe Loves you Unconditionally, Absolutely.

Blessings to you this day, Beloved Ones.  Blessings to you this day.

Reaching out to the Love of the Divine

Greetings, beloved ones.

So often, translating the energy that is the natural expression for the angelics into human forms of communication leaves gaps in understanding.  We don’t have separate words for things – we share a connection just as we connect to the All That Is. Words create separation between humans and so we do not prefer to start communicating with words.  The most common method of reaching out to humans is through emotion.

As previously mentioned, we send love and hope all the time to you.  But we also send a variety of other positive emotions.  Sometimes we will help you by assisting with your grounding process and developing a deeper sense of calm within you.  Sometimes we will “nudge” you to look here or go there – usually because we have something in mind for your highest and best good to experience.

On that note, we do want to reiterate that just because something you deem is unpleasant happens does not mean that you are being punished or that you have been misled or abandoned by the angelics.  What it does mean is that sometimes something significant has to happen to provide you with an opportunity for growth.  Because humans live through their emotions, many times for you to break a negative pattern of behavior something must impact you emotionally.  

Now, if this does not sound like what you were raised with believing, we want you to examine who taught you these beliefs about angelics.  We angelics encourage you to return to Spirit through yourself – because each human has a direct connection to Spirit.  Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you reach out spontaneously and reconnect  instinctively.  For some this is true, yet for many others it will not happen this way.  

My point is this – stop judging.   Stop judging!  Do not judge yourself or your experience for you have created your own reality and you CAN change it if you want to.  It may not happen overnight, but don’t worry about that!  If you feel a loving emotion outside of you that does not have a physical point of connection do NOT dismiss it.  It may very well be one of your angels or guides or guardians holding you in an embrace.  Do not count yourself as “crazy” – thank yourself for allowing yourself to feel and soak in the love vibration.  

Only “crazy” people will push away love, yes?  🙂  And the vibration of Love from the Divine has no equal anywhere.  

Now, we do not say invite anything and everything into you – that is stupid.  There are many detrimental energies out there and to invite them in will only lead to trouble.  Instead, be selective and only invite that which has the energy signature of the angelics.  If you cannot tell the difference, then look at your situation.  Are you vulnerable and seeking “anything” that would “help” you?  Or, are you in a place where help is offered without your asking for it.  If it is the latter, then there is a chance it is of the Light.  

If you can, take the time and meditate on the situation and ask for clarity, but most importantly wait for an answer that the vibration is of the Light.

If you do not have time to meditate on it, push it away, banish it, denounce it, and then meditate when you can.  Do not accept anything in that is not attuned to the Light.  Angelics don’t go away in a huff or act punitively or punishingly.  We will always be with you and you won’t hurt our feelings because we always know what you are feeling.  This is not the time or place to talk about the detrimental beings that would behave differently in this situation, but trust us when we say that they do exist and you should always protect yourself in every situation.

My brother Michael has provided my human avatar some protection mantras as the realm of demons and detritus is his purview, and we will try to post those protection mantras on this website in the upcoming days.  Please, read them and use them every day.  Protecting yourself is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

Now, back to today’s message.  Learning to develop your intuition and sensitivities is vital to communicating on a deeper level with the archangels.  Using discernment and stepping away from judgement will allow you the opportunity to experience the Love of the Divine on a more conscious level.  It is a practice that everyone should have on a daily basis.

We ask, when you are ready, to take yourself to your place of peace and talk to your guides, guardians, and angels of Light.  Tell them that you want their help in discerning the Love of the Divine and that you want to build a better relationship with those of the Light who are 100% present for your highest and best good.  Nothing less than 100% will do!  Those beings are the ones sent by the Divine who want to help you rediscover the Creator.  By developing a conscious practice you will help create positive behaviors that will allow the angelics and those of the Light the method to reach you more directly.

Blessings to you all.



Despair, Shame, and Free Will

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

The angelics have a hard time understanding the disconnect humans experience from the Love of the Divine.  Because we know you must be lonely without the All that Is we try to help you rediscover the connection.  When you are able to rediscover the connection, even on a moment by moment basis, you are able to set aside the negative emotions that drive you to distraction.

Distraction from?  From being in a place of Love and Joy at all times.  It is a circular situation.

Despair and shame are two such emotions that humans often experienced and they are linked in ways most people don’t understand.   When one is feeling Love there is no room for anything but Joy.  When one is in a constant state of Joy there is no room for despair. So we try to help you in every way we can to help you realize how perfect and wonderful you are and understand that you are loved absolutely and completely!  No matter who tells you differently!

Humans are taught shame from the time you are born through your parents or guardians conditioning. When you enter the human form as a infant you are still in the process of shifting your energy into that physical form from the spiritual being you are.  As such, you sleep a lot and have to learn about being human.  Every society has different cultural understandings and mores and within that the family environment you are brought into has its own culture and mores.

As you become more fully integrated within your physical shape, you lose your connection with the Divine and you become more dependent upon human emotions shared among your family.  And thus conditioning becomes the primary means for your understanding the world around you and forms your basic understanding of who you are.  Many people are taught from an early age that they are not good enough, not liked, not worthy, and many other things, the most damaging being that you are not lovable.

These ideas create shame and unless one is ‘unconditioned’ of these terrible beliefs of inadequacies, one will continue their entire life in a perpetual state of misery.  Feelings such as shame and misery do not just magically disappear just because is determined to be an “adult” in his or her society.

Even religious institutions perpetuate the feelings of shame and denigration for being exactly as the Creator designed the human race to be.  This is not healthy or desirable.  NOR is it what the Creator feels about you.  The Creator loves you absolutely and completely as you are – warts, faults, “sins”, diseases, disabilities, or anything else that society throws at you as “bad” and “unworthy”.

Shame is an example of an emotion that creates feelings of isolation and loneliness.  These feelings can lead one to choose destructive physical behaviors. The angelics know what you are experiencing and we and your guides and your guardians will reach out to you with love and hope to release those emotions you are experiencing before you hurt yourself or someone else.  Sometimes we are successful, but many times you push us away.  That does not mean we stop trying – it just means that you have made a choice to do what you want – which is your right to free will.

The right to free will is one of the most important aspects of being human.  Each individual has the right to choose whatever actions he or she wants to take.  And all choices you make create your reality.  And if the reality you live in is one of misery and pain we will never desert you for those choices.  We are always here, whenever you choose to reach out to us, and we will love you without faltering – no matter how unworthy or hatefully you think you are.

And that is the message we want to share with you today.  There is no one so horrible or hateful who is not loved by the Creator, by the angelics, by their guides, by their guardians, or by their Higher Self.  We will always put people and situations in your path who may be able to show you a way to a less destructive route.  We will always shower you with Love with the hope that the energy sinks in and helps you heal.  We will never stop trying to help you reconnect with the Love energy of the Divine.

You may make choices that society despises, but you will always be loved by us.  And we are always here, waiting for that moment when you reach out to us.

Remember – You are Loved.

Messages and Love

We have been told that so many messages from the archangels and guides all sound the same…that they are repetitive and as a result some people don’t believe the messages are true.  There is really only one message from Spirit, Creator, God, Yahweh, or any other name you want to call the Divine.

Love yourself.  Love those around you.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive those who have hurt you, for they don’t know what they do.  Do not judge others or yourself.  Live with integrity and hope.  Share the joy that is within you.  Become the person you dream about because they only thing stopping you is you.

These are not messages that are unique or terribly “creative”.  They are Truth.  Because humans really don’t believe the messages we, the archangels, repeat these over and over and over again, hoping that one of the times you hear the message it will resonate within you and trigger your awakening.

Humans are so fragile, your emotional states complex and burdensome.  When the point in time occurs where the idea that God loves you no matter what, then the Truth will awaken your eyes within and you will fear nothing and love all.

Messages from Spirit will arrive in wonderful and crazy ways.  The grocery counter man who hands you the lunch meat you requested will say something unexpected and make you blink.  You will overhear the person you sit next to at the restaurant say something that makes you stop looking at your cell phone.  People all over the planet are conduits from Spirit and they will deliver messages that they may not even realize they said.

Find your intuition.  Practice and grow your intuition and allow the messages that the Creator speaks to you daily to sink in.   Grow.  Heal.  Love.  Become one with stillness and silence and realize that those two things really don’t exist.

But most of all, Love.


Faith, in the human experience, is not a constant.  It is like the ocean, it ebbs and flows; sometimes it is strong and sure and at other times faith diminishes and doubt takes its place.

This is not “BAD”.  The Angelics do not judge the human experience – only humans judge each other.  Faith, like Love, is a process of discovery for each individual on the human path to Awareness.  Sometimes one’s experiences are so harsh that crises of faith occurs.  This is normal and natural and should not be nay said or discouraged.  Instead, explore that experience.

Only those who truly do not believe in “something” will try to convince you that a crises of faith is “bad”.  They imagine every human experience should be a constant, a wall to withstand the experiences through the time that a human has here.  The opposite is true.  Crises of Faith allows walls, barriers, preconceived ideas and conditioning to be ripped down.  Then, only when those ideas that were preventing the person from moving forward are gone, that person will rediscover what Faith is and what it means to him or her.

No one has a monopoly on faith – not spiritual leaders, not so-called gurus, not the “mom” in the corner store, not your parents, grandparents, or a gifted speaker.  When you judge yourself harshly for your experience you are only hurting yourself and giving your power away.

Trust in the experience, be it an event that makes you question Spirit or an episode of the Dark Night of the Soul.  There is a lesson to be learned in surrendering to Spirit and you should embrace that lesson and use it to grow your faith even deeper.  Even if you develop it in a direction you had not considered before.  Even if you follow your intuition into a ritual or process you had previously considered inconsequential.

There is no one way to re-discover Spirit.  There is no one way to Love Spirit.  And there is no one way to worship the essence that exists within you.

Honor yourself.  Respect your own process.  Be one with the Love of Spirit and allow yourself to transform into that which you and your Higher Self planned for this lifetime.


Greetings, Beloved ones.

The human idea of love is very different from that of Love of the Divine.  The Love of the Divine is a constant, unending source of peace and joy whereas human love is extremely conditional.  Unfortunately, humans tend to project their own issues with love, self-love, self-esteem, gratitude, and self-awareness onto the Divine and thus perpetuate their issues when “god” does not give them what they want.

Prayer is a means of communion with God, with the Divine, with Spirit – however you want to term it.  The Creator is all things and wants you to feel comfortable however you address it; but when you use a term that is loaded with unconscious and subconscious connotations you hinder your spiritual growth.

We, the Angelics, suggest when you start your search for a deeper relationship with the Divine that you set aside whatever term you have used in the past and select a new term.  Believe us – it will not hurt the Divine’s feelings if you feel the desire to call it a watermelon, a caterpillar, the Divine, Love, Spirit, the wind in the trees or whatever else resonates with you.  This is YOUR journey and you need to help yourself in every way you can.

Understanding the psychology of the human mind will help your progress – denial of it will hold you back.  So accept the way you are and look to the goal of moving past that which is holding you back and take the small steps necessary to build a new vision of the Creator.

Love is what will await you when you reach the place of communing with the Divine.  Not a love that is conditional or wavering or weak, but strong, solid, consistent, and ever lasting.  It may be so powerful that you have to take it in via tiny sips – but allow yourself to take those tiny sips as the Love from the Divine is extremely powerful and will help you heal and grow in all ways.

Be with the Divine every day and know that the Divine is always with you.

Archangel Ariel