The One Rule – Seek Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

In each human life, an opportunity is presented for one to view oneself with complete clarity and transparency.  Honesty has a moment to rip away all the curtains shrouding your identity and bare all within to the Light within.

Do not turn away from these moments.  Do not shrink away and cover yourself up.  Take this time to examine yourself closely, warts and all, for this is a gift to you from Spirit, from your Higher Self, from your Guides, and Guardians, and Angels for that which is attached to you will soon rush to deceive you.  That attachment is called the ego.

Your ego has served a useful purpose during your formative years; at times protecting you and at times limiting you.  The time has come to start separating your ego from yourself so that you can stand alone within the Light.

The Creator does not demand perfection; that is ego.

The Creator does not insist upon cleanliness and sterility; that is ego.

The Creator does not back away from that which is considered repulsive or unclean; that is ego.

The Creator does not demand ideology; that is ego.

The Creator Loves All; there is no differentiation amongst all; all are one and all are acceptable to the Creator and all are Loved by the Creator.

But wait; I can hear you now…you were taught this or were taught that…the rules and demands that were taught when you were growing up are rules of man, not the rules of the Creator.  The Creator has only one rule – Love.

Love for humans is very difficult; they don’t understand how encompassing this rule is.  It overwhelms people when they are given this simple, one rule, so they rush to delineate it, to clarify it, to slice and dice it up into smaller pieces…yet in doing so, they have obliterated the one rule – LOVE.

So now, we bring it back to you.  LOVE.  The One Rule, the Only Rule needed to be followed.  When in confusion, seek Love.  When faced with hatred, seek Love.  When cornered and afraid, seek Love.  When loved and in love, seek Love.

What this means is a whole lot of difficulty for you, but the Creator does not worry, for the Creator Loves You.  So you have your whole life to learn this rule, your whole life to live this rule, your whole life to share this rule.

Maybe you have lived a life where you loved this group, but did not love that group.  No matter, there is time for you to learn to Love All.

Maybe you were hurt and are too afraid to Love Anyone?  That’s ok too; Love can heal you and help you learn what Love really means – not just what you were taught or shown it to mean.

Love is more than a singular feeling, more than a word that is said.  Love is complex and glorious and can truly be the entire meaning of your entire life.  Give Love a chance.  Seek Love.  Share Love.  Be Love.  Love is all there is.

Blessings to you.

Relationships and Unconditional Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

A question was posed to us recently:  how can I best love unconditionally while seeing the humanity in that person?

To love unconditionally is not a normal human state of being.  Humans love, but in passionate and diverse ways.  And most individuals, when they decide they love someone, are actually interpreting a particular emotion as love, instead of it truly being love.

Again, human love is very conditional – even the love of parent for offspring can be very unconditional.  When you look at what the job is of a parent – to raise a child from birth to adult in a manner that is healthy, teaches values in alignment with society, and which prepares that child to take its place in society as a functioning adult – it is amazing when it is successful and usually tragic when it is not.

But even then, when the child has become an adult and is contributing to society in a meaningful way, parents refuse to let go.  They make demands that their child continue to be in their life, to continue the traditions they raised the child in, and in turn demand that the child care for the adults.  All in all, throughout the process of this lifetime, there are conditions that are demanded of the child to coerce and manipulate the child into becoming what is deemed “appropriate” to the parents’ standards.

If that child should balk at doing what it is instructed, if the child should become the “black sheep” by running off and doing his or her own “thing”, then see indeed how conditional that love truly is.  But how else is a child going to become a contributor to the society if one does not force it into the society’s patterns of behavior?  Interesting question, yes?  How can the adult raising the child respect the child and all that the child is – potentials, intelligence, personality, gifts – without crushing the child in the process of taming that child to society’s standards.

Let’s examine a romantic love relationship.  You have individual A and you have individual B.  They meet, get to know each other, and decide they want their connection to get further entwined.  But A has emotional baggage from A’s life and B has emotional baggage from B’s life and that does not always work together – exactly the opposite in some cases.  So what to do?  Disengage and move away from each other?  Many people will do just that and others will stay put.  What is the correct action to take?  Well, that depends on each person.

Love is a complex emotion for humans because of the conditions each puts upon love.  Some feel they are giving a gift to the other person and if B does not treat A’s love as the end of all there is then A feels neglected and hurtful.  B feels that having told A that B loves A in the past means B does not have to repeat it multiple times every day.  A’s feelings are hurt because B does not do what A wants B to do.  B feels disrespected because A does not believe B loves A.

So messy.  And so unnecessary.  A is projecting A’s issues onto B and B is projecting B’s issues onto A.

To truly love anyone, the individual must love his or her self.  And to love anyone else unconditionally you must love yourself unconditionally.  But how often is that a reality?  How often do you judge yourself harshly for something you did?  How often do you wish you had done X instead of Y?  How often do you berate yourself for something nonsensical that you perceive as being so important?

Until you can accept yourself unconditionally you will not be able to accept anyone else unconditionally; you will continue to project your wounds and weaknesses onto every interaction you have with your loved ones until you rip the love you have for that person to bits.

Now that we have probably answered your question in a way you were not expecting, let us tell you that it is possible to heal yourself and to learn to love yourself unconditionally.  This is the one love affair that you should never stop working on your entire life – the one with yourself.

As you work on this relationship with yourself, you will find the warts and the baggage and the negative emotions and past history within yourself that you have buried away.  And you will heal yourself of that baggage and thus release yourself from the chains of judgement and disrespect, possibly of self-hatred and self-despising.\

Along the way you will encounter individuals to love – for that is part of the human process.  And this love will take many forms – love for family members, love for friends, love for lovers.  And you can work to share this love with those others while constantly being alert and sensitive to the wounds ever present within you.  Why?  So that you don’t project your wounds onto the other person and their actions and choices.

This is where respect for Free Will comes into play.  If you don’t acknowledge that each individual has the right to make their free will choices then you will constantly be trying to force that person to live within a box of your own making, created by you out of judgement.  When you acknowledge that your free will is equal to the other person exercising his or her free will then you have taken a step forward.

Why?  Because unconditional love exists when others make free will choices that may negatively affect you or your life.  A loves B, but B decides to take B’s savings and go hiking through the Amazon for a year.  Maybe B has been telling A that this is B’s heart’s desire but A feels that paying the bills is more important.  B goes anyway, leaving A to deal with the aftermath.

If A loved B unconditionally then A would acknowledge B’s right to do the trip to the Amazon. A would also recognize A’s right to make free will choices that are in A’s highest and best good.  A would not bad mouth B’s decisions but would instead live their life making choices based upon that unconditional love and not out of hurt, spite, pain, remorse, anger, etc.  So when B comes back – now what?  If B loves A unconditionally then B contacts A to see where A is to discover the changes A made and if A and B are both willing to continue in a love relationship.

Many people would call B’s actions selfish and immature; they would say A was hard suffering and deserved to have someone “better” in A’s life.  But if people saw the situation framed in unconditional love, then they would understand that all is perfect.  Love is not a commodity to be parsed out sparingly, with a high price tag.  Love is the emotion that makes human life possible and when it is shared unconditionally and unstintingly then each person will live their life in accordance with his or her highest and best good, regardless of how it affects others.

Warning – the various societies around the planet are not accepting of this type of behavior, so regardless of whether A can love B unconditionally is liable to strike terror into the collective consciousness of that society which will then work unilaterally to destroy any concept of unconditional love.

But – that’s the challenge, isn’t it?  Every time, when you the individual stretch the boundaries of your societal norms those around you react on an unconscious level.  But that does not mean you stop – it means you keep pushing forward – if the choices are in your highest and best good they will happen easily and effortlessly.

Human love is complex because humans make it complex.  Unconditional love is very simple, but difficult to attain.  It is not meant to be impossible, though.

You are loved, at all times, unconditionally.  Blessings to you.

Choose Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones!

Submission is spoken of often in negative terms by humans,  but it is only through submission to Spirit’s Love will you find true peace.  When you look around you there is nothing but strife, attempts at control, and destruction of personality.  These human qualities are often given as characteristics of love, but true Love does not demand that you abandon yourself to another.  Submission to Spirit is NOT the same as submission to another human and should never be confused.

Submission to Spirit is done through acceptance of self and acceptance of Spirit.  It is a greeting of a partner to a partner, but it is also the acknowledgement that one’s partner’s ability to Love you completely and totally is greater than your human capacity to love.  This is not a “bad thing” for you were designed to be this way.  Spirit Loves you completely and utterly and there is absolutely nothing that you as a human can do that will lessen that Love.

Humans are easily pushed away via emotions and situations that do not “fit”.  Emotions are quickly labeled as “love” when they are not.  Dig into yourself, dig into your memories, and recall times when you thought something was love, but after a short period of time or after an incident the emotion changed into something that was not-love.

That is ok, too.  Human beings have such wonderfully diverse emotions but often you are not taught how to distinguish those emotions inside of yourself.  Part of your journey here is to experience everything – which means both positive and negative situations.  These situations will cause to you feel an emotional response of some kind.  Sometimes you may feel ashamed of those emotions or of how you react to an emotion, but release that – let it go.  That shame, while an emotion to be experienced, should never hold you back or keep you from growing.

Every day, every moment is a new opportunity for you to grow and become that which you want to be.  When you hold yourself back with negative emotions and memories, you are dishonoring the spiritual being inside of you who wants to experience everything.  Look within.  Love yourself.  Learn to love the you who is that spiritual being.  Love those around you for they are each experiencing their own journey on this planet.  Learn to Love Spirit for the opportunity to have the experience that this lifetime is.

Choose Love – over every other emotion that exists.  Always choose Love.

Blessings to you this and every day!

Reaching out to the Love of the Divine

Greetings, beloved ones.

So often, translating the energy that is the natural expression for the angelics into human forms of communication leaves gaps in understanding.  We don’t have separate words for things – we share a connection just as we connect to the All That Is. Words create separation between humans and so we do not prefer to start communicating with words.  The most common method of reaching out to humans is through emotion.

As previously mentioned, we send love and hope all the time to you.  But we also send a variety of other positive emotions.  Sometimes we will help you by assisting with your grounding process and developing a deeper sense of calm within you.  Sometimes we will “nudge” you to look here or go there – usually because we have something in mind for your highest and best good to experience.

On that note, we do want to reiterate that just because something you deem is unpleasant happens does not mean that you are being punished or that you have been misled or abandoned by the angelics.  What it does mean is that sometimes something significant has to happen to provide you with an opportunity for growth.  Because humans live through their emotions, many times for you to break a negative pattern of behavior something must impact you emotionally.  

Now, if this does not sound like what you were raised with believing, we want you to examine who taught you these beliefs about angelics.  We angelics encourage you to return to Spirit through yourself – because each human has a direct connection to Spirit.  Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you reach out spontaneously and reconnect  instinctively.  For some this is true, yet for many others it will not happen this way.  

My point is this – stop judging.   Stop judging!  Do not judge yourself or your experience for you have created your own reality and you CAN change it if you want to.  It may not happen overnight, but don’t worry about that!  If you feel a loving emotion outside of you that does not have a physical point of connection do NOT dismiss it.  It may very well be one of your angels or guides or guardians holding you in an embrace.  Do not count yourself as “crazy” – thank yourself for allowing yourself to feel and soak in the love vibration.  

Only “crazy” people will push away love, yes?  🙂  And the vibration of Love from the Divine has no equal anywhere.  

Now, we do not say invite anything and everything into you – that is stupid.  There are many detrimental energies out there and to invite them in will only lead to trouble.  Instead, be selective and only invite that which has the energy signature of the angelics.  If you cannot tell the difference, then look at your situation.  Are you vulnerable and seeking “anything” that would “help” you?  Or, are you in a place where help is offered without your asking for it.  If it is the latter, then there is a chance it is of the Light.  

If you can, take the time and meditate on the situation and ask for clarity, but most importantly wait for an answer that the vibration is of the Light.

If you do not have time to meditate on it, push it away, banish it, denounce it, and then meditate when you can.  Do not accept anything in that is not attuned to the Light.  Angelics don’t go away in a huff or act punitively or punishingly.  We will always be with you and you won’t hurt our feelings because we always know what you are feeling.  This is not the time or place to talk about the detrimental beings that would behave differently in this situation, but trust us when we say that they do exist and you should always protect yourself in every situation.

My brother Michael has provided my human avatar some protection mantras as the realm of demons and detritus is his purview, and we will try to post those protection mantras on this website in the upcoming days.  Please, read them and use them every day.  Protecting yourself is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

Now, back to today’s message.  Learning to develop your intuition and sensitivities is vital to communicating on a deeper level with the archangels.  Using discernment and stepping away from judgement will allow you the opportunity to experience the Love of the Divine on a more conscious level.  It is a practice that everyone should have on a daily basis.

We ask, when you are ready, to take yourself to your place of peace and talk to your guides, guardians, and angels of Light.  Tell them that you want their help in discerning the Love of the Divine and that you want to build a better relationship with those of the Light who are 100% present for your highest and best good.  Nothing less than 100% will do!  Those beings are the ones sent by the Divine who want to help you rediscover the Creator.  By developing a conscious practice you will help create positive behaviors that will allow the angelics and those of the Light the method to reach you more directly.

Blessings to you all.



Denial of Self and Self Hatred

Beloved Ones, sometimes we angelics are overwhelmed by the depth and intensity of your emotional spectrum.  We do not lose ourselves in that experience, but the expanse of human emotions is amazing to us.  Each of the Creator’s children have different gifts and capacities to learn and grow, but humans by far have the greatest spectrum of emotion.

What that also means is this – sometimes emotion overwhelms YOU and you cannot pull yourself out of the miasma that surrounds you.  You hate yourself, you judge yourself, and you lose sight that the Creator, above all others, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY ALWAYS.

Human love is capricious, short term, and very conditioned upon this or that set of beliefs.  The Creator is not limited in any way at any time – except by you.  The connection you have to the Creator can not be broken by anything, including death, but you can certainly choose to ignore it.

You can deny the Creator and the Creator will still love you.  You can denounce and turn your back on Spirit, and the Creator will still love you.  You can hurt yourself and the others around you and the CREATOR STILL LOVES YOU.  There is truly nothing that you can do in your lifetime that will make the Creator stop loving you.

So why do you waste so much time and energy convincing yourself that the Creator judges you?  Looks down on you?  Finds you worthless?  Sees you as less-than?  Imperfect?  Damaged?  Worthless?  Ugly?  Stupid?  Or any other term or phrase you can throw out there.

The Creator does not ever think these things about you.  The Creator loves you. Simply.  Deeply.  And was overjoyed when you decided to incarnate as a human so you could have an experience to share with the Creator.

Humans live their lifetime in a very short time frame and they can be packed with events and incidents that can be perceived as negative or positive.  No one is born with a happily-ever-after lifetime.  Yet so many people judge themselves – and others – for decisions made instead of honoring each person and the free will he or she exercises in this lifetime.

Set aside bitterness and judgement and just for a moment, the next time you see another person, see them with the eyes of love.  This person, perhaps a total stranger, is closer to you than you realize.  Maybe you are driving down the road and see a homeless person.  Maybe you will open your backdoor and see the neighbor you cannot stand.  Maybe you will go to work and encounter the people who you feel make the place terrible.

Now, look at them and try to see the energy that connects each of you together.  The Creator loves that person as much as the Creator loves you.  There is no difference.  You are not “better” or “worse” than any other person on this planet.  The Creator does not play favorites!


Because each of us children are created directly from the Creator, born, if you will, from the Creator’s love and energy and desire.  So, knowing that in the Creator’s view there is nothing separating you from that person you encounter why do you feel separate from that person?

Try instead to feel the chord of love and energy connecting you to all the life around you.  Dive into that connection and feel the Love the vibrates through it.  Let that energy heal you, cleanse you of those dark emotions that pull you into self-hatred.  So many times people say that they are happy or content to others, but inside they are tearing themselves to shreds.  They look for anything, any small thing they can perceive as a deficiency and use it to hurt themselves.


Stop hurting yourself.

Stop HATING yourself.

Start LOVING yourself.

You are not “perfect” but NO HUMAN is perfect by the standards you are holding against you.  Start saying this to yourself every time doubt, denial of self, or self-hatred looms in your mind:

I love myself because I am a really cool and fun person to be around.  I love those around me and I am, in turn, loved by them.

Say this as many times as you need to until you believe it.  Because it IS TRUE!

You are cool and fun to be around.  You are loved by those around you and you love them back.  STOP beating yourself up and allow yourself to grow and heal.

YOU ARE LOVED.  Now your task is to start believing it.  And once you do, you will be amazed at how your life will transform!

Blessings to you!