When Change is Scary

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Bitterness, resentment, and envy are all emotions based from the fear of lack.  Humans envy someone whom they perceive as having what they themselves desire.  Resentment builds towards those who humans feel have something that they themselves are entitled to.  Bitterness erupts from situations where the perception of “should” was paramount in the mind of the holder.  “I should have received that promotion” or “I should have been born rich” are two typical statements We Angelics here a lot.

Should is an ugly word for humans; it creates division instead of togetherness.  It represents entitlement instead of humbleness.  It is a viewpoint of judgment instead of compassion.

When you are incarnated into the human form, there is no “should”.  There are lots of possibilities and very few guarantees, though, which will help to provide opportunity to you via the choices you make.  Many life experiences do not have free will, yet humans have free will and waste it prodigiously with regrets, resentments, and self hatred.

It is time for you to step back away from these poorly conceived ideas in your mind and realize the one Truth that you live by – you are having a human experience and that experience is created by you – by your choices, by your actions, and by your non-actions.

Only you can change the life you are living, so if you are miserable then it is up to you to make the choices to change it.  Even if you end up temporarily in an uncertain situation, is that not better than being miserable?  How long are you going to be miserable before you take the action to change your circumstances?

The first action humans should take is this – look inside.  Quiet your mind and ask within you for help, for guidance.  These things are present always within you – from your High Self, from your Guides, and from your Angelics.  We all work as a Team to help you through this life experience, but when you are not receptive and not open to Us or Our Messages, then you are cutting yourself off from Love and Support to help you through.

If you still do not feel or hear anything, then we suggest you look carefully at your situation and make plans to change it.  Are you residing somewhere that is painful to you? If so, find a way to make a change.  Look up resources outside of your family if you must, for they exist.  You are not looking for them, but they are there.

Ask for help – it exists. You are not the first person to experience what you are experiencing and you do not deserve to stay in a place of misery.  You have to be your own advocate.  Yes, it may very well be scary.  We know this, and We are here for you.  We will share Our Love for you with you, so remember you are Loved.  You are worthy of living a good life – We know this even if you do not.

Living in a comfortable situation while you are unhappy is still being miserable.  Do not look at what “others have” compared to what you have.  Do not look upon others as “more fortunate” or “lucky” to have what they have.  You only see the outer shell of their life – not their whole life. They could be miserable and staying put because they are afraid if they leave their comfortable home they will not have a comfortable home again.

Yet We say to you – they are not happy, so what good is a comfortable home when you are miserable?  Better to be living in a not-so-nice place and be happy with yourself than living in comfort with someone you do not respect, someone who does not respect you, and which you daily endure hurts – physical, emotional, or mental.

Fear is the only thing holding you back.  The opposite of Fear is Love.  And Love is everywhere you look for it – you only have to be open to receiving for it to be present.  You are Loved and where there is Love and Life, there is Hope for change.  Not from others – never from others. Hope exists within you, FOR YOU.  You are the one to change – not anyone else.  Know that regardless of how daunting it is, there is a way for you to change your life.  Be not afraid, for We are with you at all times.  Call upon Us and We will feed our strength into you.

Do not believe the Lies told to you.  Not the lies told to you by others that you are unlovable or unworthy of love; not the lies that you will never be able to make it on your own or that you are too stupid to do anything right.  These lies are told to you by those who wish to manipulate you into staying put, because you make their life better.  They do not make your life better – you make their life better.  So make the changes necessary because you deserve to have a life where you are making your own life better.

These lies come from many sources – your family members, your mate/partner, your friends, and even inside your own head.  For all too long you have listened and believed these lies so they echo within you.  Set them aside and believe US now – you are Loved. You are worthy. You will be JUST FINE at the end because you are making choices for yourself, for you to be happy.

You are Loved.  We are here with you, Beloved Ones.  Change can be large or small.  Even changes that seem insignificant can have great impact upon you and your life.  Do what you need to make these changes and set your fear aside.  Life does not have to be about hate and conflict, pain and manipulation, force and dominance.  Life is about choice and it is time for you to choose yourself above any other, for only when you help yourself can you help the others in your life.  Choose you.

You are Loved.  Call upon us, Beloved, and We will flood you with Love and Support always.

We Love you unconditionally.

Living the Human Experience

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

What is the purpose of being human?  For those who have started on the path to wondering why you came here, allow us to supply you with some things to consider.

In the initial stages of waking up from the mind sleep that the majority still experience, most humans realize that the beliefs and concepts taught to them by their parents, religious establishments, and leaders are incorrect.  Some ideas are realized to be complete fabrications, lies stretched beyond comprehension in an effort to stop questions from occurring within the minds of those who are starting to question.

During this particular stage of the process, many people experience anger and even rage that their parents and those they respected would use them with such ill intent.  It is not Our intention to encourage that anger.  The root of anger is Fear and We do not want you to stay rooted in Fear.  Fear helps no one and in fact, will stop your thinking and analyzing processes.

Instead, We encourage you to feel compassion for those who taught you these things, for the Truth is that few humans are awake and fewer of those have the courage to attempt to stop the machine called indoctrination from moving forward.  The only way it can be stopped is to stop it for yourself.  Look, question, gather facts and information, and allow your experiences to help you along the way.  We Angelics, your Spirit Guides, your High Self, and the Creator all assist you with your life experiences to help provide you with opportunities for you to awaken out of the Human Mind Sleep state.

Now that you have awoken and are looking at your life, please know you are not alone in questioning why you are here.  The human world is chaotic and difficult and emotionally bruising.  It is a place to allow a multitude of experiences for each human from birth to death and each human’s life starts out the same – as an infant.

When your High Self created your Life’s Blueprint, many things were taken into account. Many contracts and agreements were established with soul family members, with other souls with whom you experienced other lifetimes, with the Ascended Masters and the Angelics whose families you would be a part of during this lifetime.  It is no accident that you are exactly as you are – it is part of the design, the result of much great work to create a lifetime of opportunities for you to experience and make choices and experience the result of those choices.

Humans, out of all the Creator’s designs, are blessed with the greatest emotional range and capacity.  No other race or species than humans have the ability to feel the multitude of emotions.  It is considered a great honor when the High Self has a lifetime blessed by the Creator; it is then the High Self’s responsibility to choose a piece of itself to incarnate on this planet for there are many pieces of itself that wish to have this opportunity.

It may seem that there are many humans on this planet today, so of course this is nothing but a common occurrence, but I assure you it is not.  There are a multitude of Souls and High Selves that contribute to the population in the human environment, but that is temporary for this particular human experience.  Many other human experiences have a great number less humans present. Each human lifetime is designed – including the type of human experience needed to add to the High Self, which then adds to the Soul and Over Soul.  These criteria dictate the when and where the human life takes place.

So We circle back to the “why am I here” question.  What is my life purpose?  Each human has many life purposes, many goals, many lessons to learn.  Many lessons are shared lessons, shared with the other humans existing at the same time as you do.  But other lessons are created for your life plan and may be very different from those around you.

Many times humans feel abused, sorry for themselves when they believe their life is not perfect, it is not like the person across the street’s life.  Comparing your life to another’s serves no purpose other than to feed self-pity and victimization.  These are emotions you are capable of feelings, but they will not assist you in growing through your experience, so We encourage you to process through those emotions as quickly as you can and get back on track.

What is your motivation?  Why should you even get out of bed in the morning, We hear you ask?  Each human was provided with a construct, called the Ego, that assists with survival. It was learned during the beginning stages humans required some assistance to survive through the traumas that can occur.  There is no sin in ending one’s life, but it does cut short the purpose of being there and it can incur Karma with those agreements and contracts you were unable to meet or complete.  But still, each human has Free Will and being selfish is a condition the average human exhibits.

So again, what is your life purpose?  In simple terms, to discover who you are.  To discover the TRUE YOU, the one that has been buried by conditioning.  To uncover the You that is the real You instead of the You that was forced into a box a long time ago.  To shed the ideas you believe are Truth and return to a state of questioning, until you resonate with your personal Truth.  Your personal Truth shall set you free; it will allow you to grow and experience and Love, but it takes time.  It takes baby steps along the way, for shedding the norms, the mores, the conditioning of a lifetime takes a lot of work.

So what is your purpose?  To heal.  To uncover your True You.  To Grow.  To discover within you all the wonderful things you were designed to be, to experience, to share.  To rediscover the connection within you to the Creator, for it exists within every human.  To feel joy, love, and gratitude for the gift called Human Experience.

This takes work.  All too often humans want immediate results, instant gratification.  We know that, and all We can do is counsel patience and suggest you seek Wisdom. Wisdom is highly underrated by humans, yet it is the one thing for which each person has a capacity. Not the exact same wisdom, but each person has the capacity as it is essential for personal growth.  Wisdom is the internal teacher, it helps humans to learn from mistakes and to make reasoned choices.  Wisdom allows humans to stay alive, to grow, and to recognize opportunities when they are present.

So, you want to know your Life Purpose?  We Angelics suggest you start with the most basic of lessons – uncover the True You from under the conditioned You.  Examine everything – every thought you have, every belief you possess, every idea that tells you who you are.  And when you think you are done, start again.  For the Truth is, everyone around is just like you.  There are no differences other than superficial ones.  No one is “more special” or “better” or “perfect” because the reality you live in is a construct designed to provide an experience.  And the participants in that experience come from the same spiritual essence that created your reality.

So, where you think you are better than others, examine that closely.  Where you think you are worse off than others, examine that closely too.  Examine everything and then, when you have done that twice over ask again why you might be having the human experience.

You have much to gain by this work.  Spiritual Growth is not for the fainthearted, fortitude is required.  Dig within yourself and We Angelics, your Guides, High Self, Spirit, and the Creator will all be supporting you with Love and Joy.

We are here with you always through your human experience.  Call upon Us and allow Us to assist you as We can, for We Love You unconditionally.

Where Love exists, Fear cannot

Greetings, Beloved Ones,

I want to address something that has come up quite a bit lately.  We Angelics are ever so happy when our Beloved Ones take a step on their personal healing path, and We are ever so happy when You take a step on your Life Path.  We know these things bring you Joy and Happiness and Satisfaction and We know this adds to your overall well-being.

We Angelics all come from the Creator; the Creator made each of us very similar, but different.  We each have a specialty to assist humans and other beings from the Creator and We love to work together.  We love nothing better than to meld our energy together to work as in Unity to help those We Love heal, grow, and develop.

We are happy when you call upon one of Us, or many of Us, or ALL of US for assistance!  We know that humans develop feelings of kinship with one or another of the Families as your Blueprints are made to do so, but let Us clarify something for you.  We feel Love – a deep, profound Love for all of you.  We do not have the capacity to be jealous or spiteful or resentful if you choose to call upon one or the other of Us.  We are just delighted when you DO call upon Us for assistance so that We can help as best We can.

Many times your human culture has twisted and warped ideas about who the Angelics are; sometimes it is because humans are so prone to anthropomorphism.  Please understand – this does not anger us either for We are not capable of that emotion either.  We are energy beings designed by the Creator to do many things, and one of those things is to Love you unconditionally.

We wish you would take that approach to yourselves – you are each lovable, wonderful beings of Light in human form and yet instead of seeing your similarities you focus on the differences between you.  Instead of seeing the differences and diversities as blessings that add to the whole, humans use them to separate and slander each other.  This is your choice, of course, as you have Free Will during your human lifetime, but We would encourage you to instead look for the Love Spark within each fellow human you encounter.

Love grows stronger and spreads more each time it is shared.  Take a moment and smile at someone as you pass by them.  Greet someone with happiness instead of projecting your overall dissatisfaction to the world.  Learn to be happy just by yourself, learn to be content with what you have, and learn to share the Love, Joy, and Happiness that is inherent within your core being.  These things will help others during their day as well as help you grow and expand your awareness of self and the Universe.

Being One with the Creator does not mean exclusively during meditation time.  You must walk what you learn, what you know, what you believe if you truly wish to grow and expand your vibration.  For Spiritual Growth and Harmony you must work every day to see the true world around you and not just the world projected by those who exist in Fear.  Fear lies to all who listen and Fear will tell you that you are nothing, that you are not worth anything, and that you are better off dead.  These are lies – you are here for an experience because you are Loved.  Chosen to be on the earth plane so that you can grow through all the things that a human can experience – positive and negative alike.

So yes, you are worthy!

You are LOVED!

You are not alone – We are here with you every moment of every day.

We Love YOU just as you are and for ALL that you ARE!

Remember this the next time you look at someone and your insecurity whispers in your ear, telling you that she is better than you, that he is smarter than you, that they are more capable than you – whatever triggers the Fear activates within you to make you feel LESS.

Gather those thoughts in your hands and look at them closely!  They are LIES – they are not the truth, but you have put so much energy into them all your life that it will take a few moments like this to release those fears and replace them with loving thoughts for yourself.

You are Loved by the Angelics and the Creator!  Why would you compare yourself to anyone else?  Each human is equally loved with a love that is absolute, incomparable, and equal to nothing else.  Embrace the idea of your worthiness, embrace your lovableness, embrace that you are exactly as you were designed to be and soak up the Love of the Creator.

Where Love exists, Fear cannot.  Don’t place your energy in the column for Fear – use the whole page for Love.  And the next page.  And the next.  For you ARE LOVED!

We are here with you, Beloved Ones.  Take the Love that is offered to you and GROW!

Share the Love during times of Fear

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

There is much unrest and unease within your current roles in human society.  Many of you are being tested and pushed, prodded and poked.  Do not deride those undergoing confusion and pain, for this process of enlightenment is not one that is easily understood by the uninitiated.

Many of you speak of living an authentic life – but what happens to one of you when that which has been hidden and suppressed is suddenly coaxed out of the safety within?  Without any understanding of what is happening?  The general reaction among humans is fear.

Fear is the opposite of Love.  Fear is very real to many individuals because they do not understand that they are Loved unconditionally.  They believe that they are unlovable and unworthy of Love, so they protect themselves with emotional and psychological barriers which, in turn, create a barrier against Love.

In circumstances such as what your human plane is going through now and will continue to go through in the next few years, it is important to understand that Fear can destabilize environments and cultural situations.  Fear can bring about the exact opposite of growth.

Yet growth is exactly what is being presented to these individuals who react with Fear.  Growth is a process of letting go, a process to unearth that which has been suppressed, a process that is not quick either, but in the end provides great opportunities.

Look around you, Beloved Ones.  See with your heart – not your eyes and not your ears.  See with your hearts and feel compassion for those who are reacting to the pain and confusion that is within themselves caused by the pieces of themselves long buried trying to emerge.  Like a butterfly, that which is within will slowly unfold and be obvious, but until the process is complete it is not obvious what is taking place.

Many humans are oblivious to the concept of “all is one”, even though you are all One, belong to One, and will return to the state of Oneness from which you are currently unable to fully access.  Many of these individuals struggling with Fear believe they are absolutely alone, have rejected a concept of Love, and only resonate to that which is the detritus within them leading them by the nose.

When you see these individuals, do not hate them, or feed their fear, or deride them for each human has his or her Path to Oneness to achieve.  Instead, tap into your Lower Hearth Chakra and feel compassion and empathy for them.  Just as you would help an individual who was unseeing cross a busy intersection realize that these individuals need to be guided even more so.

Compassion is a two-way street.  In the beginning you had to learn compassion for yourself to be able to forgive yourself and begin your own healing process.  Now that you have that understanding it is time to share that compassion with those around you who are mired in Fear.

Be gentle, help them in whatever way is possible as they explore their process and uncover their own truth.  Guide with support instead of doctrine, lead them over the crevasses so they can See that others’ truth is valid as well as their own, be the Voice of Love during times of strife, anxiety, Fear, and chaos, be the Lighthouse beacon shining the Love of the Creator throughout the dark night of chaos about to consume you.

And above all, live the authentic you – do not allow Fear to cover that which is yours or you.  You have the Love and Support of your Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Angelics, and the Light Beings and you know you are not alone.

You are never Alone.

You are Loved beyond Measure.

You are One with the Universe.

You are One with the Creator.

Be Love.

Live Hope.

Be Compassionate.

Share the Love.


Our Love is Always and Forever

Greetings Beloved Ones.

It is a time of change and growth in your world.  So many opportunities exist and the choices your free will makes will guide your path.  We Angelics want you to know that regardless of what you choose, We are here to Support and Love you – For Always and Forever.

We can say this because Our Love is Constant, a gift to you from the Creator and it is a blessing We are Happy to enjoy.

There was a time, an environment, where humans could not Feel the Love the Angelics had for them.  Humans were cruel to each other and did not realize that Love existed in so many ways.  Then the Creator made a change and allowed Us to interact with humans.  And We Rejoiced!

it is true that not many humans acknowledge our presence, but that does not matter for Our Love for YOU is constant, enduring, and exists Always and Forever.

As you enter this time of your life, as you enter this ending of this calendar year, take a moment to reflect – NOT on the things you did not do, but that you are here and able to take a moment to realize that you are Loved.

Regardless of where you are, regardless of your life circumstances today you exist and within this moment is the seed of creativity, the seed of change, the seed of your Free Will!

Despair exists when separation from the Creator exists.  If you feel despair and sadness now, it is time to look within for the path to the Creator exists within each human.  The path is the promise the Creator made to you when you were allowed to incarnate on the human plane.

Seek out the Love that exists within your Heart Center; it is there and cannot be extinguished no matter how dark you perceive your life to be. There is nothing in your world and no choice that you might make that would turn the Creator away from you.

The Creator Loves you exactly as you are.  Your life on the human plane is a gift the Creator has given to you to experience.  When you return to the Creator after this life is over do not fear for the Creator will embrace you fully regardless of the choices you made for that is the promise the Creator made with you.

Do not listen to those who wish to make you dislike yourself or hate yourself.  Listen deep within to the voice of the Creator within you.  Feel the rhythm of the Love that hums inside you – the connection to the Light is there and it is strong.

We say this repeatedly because it cannot be said enough – you are Loved.  Your world is dark and filled with those who would put you into a bubble of fear.  Do not allow them to lock you away.  Do not allow them to diminish the Light that exists within you.  Do not allow them to crush your Spirit and rip away the idea that you are worthy of Love.

If possible, make the change in your life to remove the presence of those who would do this to you.  You deserve to be surrounded by those who accept and love you for who you are and if you are in an environment where that is not the case, please consider making the choice to leave it.

We are aware that some individuals do not have the ability to leave these environments and We are Always with them, Supporting them, Succoring them during this time.  For those who have the ability to make choices and change, We are with you as well!  Our Love is Always and Forever AND it is Infinite!  We do not limit who we Love for that is not the way of the Creator.

Take this moment to close your eyes and breathe in slowly.  Put yourself into a light meditative state and allow Us to Commune with you, to Share our Love for you with you.  Be in this moment with Us at this time, now. Breathe and Be.

And most of all, remember We Love you Always and Forever.

We Love You Always

Greetings Beloved Ones!

We greet you with Light and Love and ask you to receive now the Highest Vibration of Love the Angelics can send to you, through the blessings and Grace of the Creator.

We were approached this week with the denouncement that it is a lie that everything happens for a reason.  The thought frame behind the decision it was a lie was that if the Creator truly loved everyone he/she would not allow pain and suffering to happen.

We have touched before on this thought frame, but We angelics would like to address it again. Human life is not designed to be “paradise”.  You left a state of love and joy to come to the earth plane for an experience of relatively short duration to experience all emotions and experience many different opportunities.  Sometimes these opportunities are viewed negatively, as they may cause one to feel sensations and emotions that, through a particular perspective, are viewed as pain.

The Creator gave humans on this plane of existence the opportunity to feel the most extensive range of emotions of all the lifeforms the Creator brought into life.  The Creator views these emotions as a blessing – not a curse and not a punishment.

When your life leads you into a path where you may suffer pain on the physical or emotional level, this does not mean that you “deserved to be hurt”; and it certainly does not mean that you should choose the path of the victim.  Emotions should be honored and each person should allow themselves time to process the emotional and physical situation that one finds oneself in.  But there is a difference between processing and wallowing.

Some humans have a tendency to wallow in their experience, never pulling themselves out of their pity poo poo pile and looking at their life and situation with the eyes of clarity.  Humans create their own reality and thus everything does happen for a reason.  It just may be a reason that is not immediately clear to the one experiencing the situation.

Many times we Angelics are called upon for assistance to obtain this or that.  Many times it is for us to find a way to funnel wealth, success, and love to people.  Of course, We don’t do this because it is not our place to change one’s life.  We provide love and support to you each, of course, and we always help provide the energy for you to make change happen in your life – but we will never do it for you.

If you have a guide who says they can make it happen, please call upon my brother Michael to rid yourself of the demon attached to you.

Many times humans experience loss, betrayal, and pain because another human has decided to act in a way that results in a way one would not choose.  If one shifts his or her perspective to accept that each person has the right to live his or her life as they choose and not strictly to benefit one, it is easier to accept the changes that happen easily and effortlessly.

Undo attachment upon other’s choices and other’s lives impact your ability to live your life to the fullest ability.  Each human should focus their love of their own life through meditation and use the energy to manifest that which is in their highest and best good in their life.  Yes, change will happen as a result, but when the dust settles you will find that you are in a much happier place as you will be in alignment with your higher self and your blueprint for this lifetime.

Remember – all change is not shouldered alone.  We angelics are here for you during all your days and nights.  You are never alone and when you feel fearful or anxious, call upon us and we will surround you with the love and support we can provide.

Take a moment now, while reading these words, and do just that.  Close your eyes and call upon your angelics, guides, and guardians to surround you with the love and light of the Creator.  Breathe the love and light in and allow it to ease your anxiety, ease your suffering, ease your loneliness.  You are not alone and you are not unloved.

Change is never insurmountable.  Sometimes extreme discomfort is required because you have entrenched yourself into your life ‘as is’ and you need a ‘rude awakening’ moment to help you realize that you are not living your life in alignment with the Creator and your higher self.

When you find yourself shifting into a place of self pity, remember you are not alone.  We are here with you.  Call upon us to help you during this time.  We can help you shift your perspective and help you see the patterns of your life that you live that create negative events.  The Angelics will never lock you into a place of suffering – you put yourself into that place of suffering.  We Angelics are here to help you shift out of that dark place and into a place of love and light.

Always remember we are here for you at all times but most especially when your life feels dark and desolate.  Regardless of what else you may feel or hear we NEVER desert you.  You must reach through the walls of pain to us and we will meet you as soon as you open your mind to the idea that we are there.  Regardless of what you are experiencing – pain, depression, suicidal thoughts, inflicting pain upon yourself – we are here.  And we love you just as you are and we love you for all that you can be.  We will never give up on you and we will provide you with the shelter available to you through the love of the Creator.

And if you are having a wonderful life we are also here with you.  We love you – regardless of the life you experience, always.

Blessings to you!

Be the Light and Face of Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

The time of seasonal change is upon you, and I wanted to share a message regarding change.  Many things change in the human environment.  The weather, schools, jobs, decor, friends, partners, and yourself.  You yourself are at the root of all change for it is your Free Will that creates your reality and your choices and your non-choices instigate change.

One thing that does not change is the Love of the Creator.  The Creator Loves you regardless of your clothes, hair, career, friends, or family.  The Creator Loves you regardless of what your choices and your non-choices are.  The Love of the Creator is the only Constant in this Universe and regardless of where you are, what you do, where you go and what you choose nothing can change that.

Humans all too frequently have idealized concepts of Love.  Love is everlasting, Love is exciting, Love is Calm and Peaceful, Love is this or that.  Regardless of how you feel about yourself or your newest special friend, the Creator Loves you.  We Angelics Love you.

We ask you to reach inside yourself and feel the Love we have for you and for you to extend that Love to yourself.  Take this moment, right now, and allow that Love to move through you.  Let the Love heal old wounds and release the things which do not belong with you any longer to the Light.  Free yourself from the things that bind you to a place of unhappiness, regret, and misery.  The things in the past that affected you helped you create the person you are today; they helped create the reality you exist in today.  For all that is behind you has created the person the Creator Loved and continues to Love.

It is time to Love yourself, “faults and defects” and everything else mixed up together in the wonderful being that you are.

Being on the earth plane may feel like a punishment; it may feel as if you are serving an unending cycle of servitude, but please stop thinking that way.  Your incarnation on this plane of existence is NOT a punishment.  Your Higher Self planned it and you agreed to it with joy and anticipation.  Life on the earth plane can be very challenging, very stimulating, very trying even – but you came here because of the opportunity of experience and growth.

Allow yourself to grow now, within the Love of the Creator, and allow yourself to move past the perceived failures.  Let those “failures” become moments of experience that have prompted you to become a better person, a kinder person, a person who has empathy for those in similar circumstances.  Allow yourself to grow higher in vibration by absorbing in the Love of the Creator.

As you grow higher in vibration, your ability to commune more with the Creator will increase and you will be able to absorb more Love and increase the opportunity to repeat this process.  Allow the Creator to Love you and allow yourself to Love yourself.  No one on the earth plane is perfect and no one is meant to be perfect.  Perfection is not the end game, not the goal at the end.  Growth is the goal and many experiences are still in front of you to prompt this growth.

Focus now on the Love that is surrounding you, filling you, freeing you from the chains you create in your mind.  Allow the Love to lower the barricades you have placed around you.  This will not make you vulnerable, no!  Instead it allows you to receive more Love in different ways.  As you Love yourself more, you realize that everyone has a job in this world and it is not your job to judge them or to judge yourself.  Your job, right now, at this moment, is to Love.

Become the Love of the Creator personified.  Allow the Love to Flow through you and into all that you meet today, whether you greet that person face to face, over the telephone, or electronically.  Allow the Love to flow from you to touch all those who Need the Love of the Creator in their Lives.  Be the Face of Love so to give Hope to those who have forgotten what Hope is.

Shine your Light brightly this day, Beloved Ones.

We are with you always.

Love is All There Is

Greetings Beloved Ones!

Today is a day of great hope, joy, and celebration for you are soon to be entering a time of opportunity.  Release your fears and allow the Love of the Universe to flow deeply into you, freeing you from the tyranny of the hurts and wounds accumulated over time.  Heal through the Vibration of the Universe accessible to you while you read these words.  Read them as many times as needed to stimulate the Healing needed by you.

Love is a complex thing in the Human World; in the energetic reality of our existence it is All That Is.  The Universe is but One and We are Each part of that One.  The only separation you experience is an illusion created to allow you the life you live as a human.

Realize that the people who surround you are not different from you, they are a part of you.  Indeed, you are a part of them.  We are all part of the Universal and as such we are all made from Love and return to Love in all realities, all forms, regardless of the choices made while human or other incarnated form, for Spirit Loves ALL.

Love one another in as many ways as possible while honoring each other’s life path and Free Will choices.  Share the Love you hold within you with those in your life – don’t withhold it or parse it out as if it were the most precious of metals.  Love IS the most precious thing in your reality and the more you share it, the more it will return to you.

Allow the Love of the Universe to shine through you, allow it to blind those around you, to encompass your etheric bodies and auras and to flood from your eyes as you look around you and gaze upon all in your world.

Love binds all of Spirit’s creations and creatures, large and small, and Love heals all the wounds that exist within.  Take the blessing that is included in this email and heal yourself and allow those around you to heal as well.  Cast down your doubts and fears and allow your true essence to flow into being.

Trust in Spirit, for the Universe Loves you Unconditionally, Absolutely.

Blessings to you this day, Beloved Ones.  Blessings to you this day.

What are the Hallmarks of Your Integrity and Spiritual Ethics?

Greetings, Beloved Ones!

Twice today we have had questions posed to Us of a similar nature which We will attempt to answer. We asked our Avatar to look up some human definitions for us that are below.

The questions themselves had to deal with the nature of integrity and ethics and when someone else claims to want to provide assistance to you.  How does one know when there is only genuineness and not an agenda hidden away from view?  Understanding the hallmarks of integrity, especially within the realm of spiritual ethics is incredibly important.  First, though – what are the hallmarks of your integrity?

The Webster-Mirriam defines the following as:
Integrity:  firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.
Hallmark: a mark or device placed or stamped on an article of trade to indicate origin, purity, or genuineness.

So, the hallmarks of integrity are the ways one exhibits the highest standards of moral values.  We believe that those who choose the Spiritual path have discovered that integrity is of vital importance to this path – both to oneself and to others.  We also believe that those who seek to help others should also know that high integrity is important – both to helping those indicated as well to developing the trust of those who may be watching.  Trust can also be lost when someone has behaved in a way that betrays the claim of ethical standards.

We in the Angelic realm know that humans do not see others as the Angelics do, We know you cannot see within the heart of another and know whether their intentions are pure or not.  Many on the earth plane use their sensitivity to determine whether or not to accept someone’s aid and most of the time We would say this would be one correct step of several that could be taken.  But one should never accept any person’s word on blind faith.  Most humans We encounter take much effort to persuade that We are real and that We love them.  We accept this as part of the process as humans have each had experiences where trust does not come easily.

There is one situation where We find that Trust comes a little too easily to you – when you are hearing something that pleases you.  If you hear someone say something that echos a belief you hold within you, many of you will drop your doors and invite the stranger into your life, into your world, into your mind, and into your heart without ever double-checking their integrity.

Gnothi Seauton – KNOW THYSELF

We think this is an excellent opportunity for you to review a simple question – what are the hallmarks of YOUR personal integrity?  While it is not necessary for those in your life to be echos of who you are, for high degrees of trust you must know yourself to know if someone else is in alignment with your beliefs.  Otherwise the relationship you build with that person will collapse within a short time.

If you cannot define who you are or what values you hold dear, how will you ever know if someone you meet truly has your highest and best good as their intentions?  Is that not why people want others in their lives – to be valued and appreciated?  People don’t want to be used or mislead, deceived, or tricked – they want to be liked and loved for their unique self.  The Angelics will always love you, regardless of who you are or what you do.  Humans are different and people raised in similar situations can hold different ethical standards dear.  So, let’s put some ideas for consideration out there for you to consider.

What are the hallmarks of integrity and spiritual ethics?  An spiritually ethical person will always:

*respect for others’ boundaries, Free Will choices, and privacy,
*ask express permission to seek Guidance or Information about that person,
*be as honest as possible in all forms of communication,
*stop what they are doing if it hurts or harms another, and
*take action to correct what they have done that caused hurt or harm another.

There are others, but let’s explore the ones listed above now.

Respect is important in all situations.  What are one’s personal boundaries? In some cases it make take a while to determine what another’s boundaries are, but one can always communicate with that person in a kind and respectful manner to determine their comfort level.  Many people do not like physical touch.  Do you brush aside their discomfort and touch or hug them any way?  Do you ask them their thoughts and allow them the time they need to respond to your questions?  Do you respect their response to your questions and not try to persuade them that you are correct if you disagree with them?  Many times people express sympathy or pity for a person whose life is different than their own. We ask that you do not feel these things, but instead Honor the person and their Free Will choices that led them to where they are now.

Each person on the earth plane has the right to make their own Free Will choices and they alone have the ability to shape and change their reality.  Respect them for those choices and allow them compassion where warranted, but do not pity them for pity is a negative emotion that expresses self-satisfaction and arrogance.  Those are not exactly traits of a spiritual person, hmm?

Everyone has the right to not answer questions they don’t want to.  Just because you may see yourself in the role of advisor or spiritual guru does not mean you can ask any question you choose. Even in performing an authorized session with the person you receive guidance to ask them specific questions they have the Free Will right to NOT ANSWER.  Respect that choice for you would not want your right to make your own choices taken away from you.

Ask express permission to seek Guidance or Information about that person – what does this mean? This means that no matter how clearly you communicate with your guides you don’t have the right to dig and dive into someone else’s life if they have not given you express permission to do so, even if they are friends or family.  Everyone has the right to privacy and just because they may not know how to shield themselves does not mean you have the right to thrust yourself upon that person and “share” information received.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking the person for permission to get information for them then why are you looking?  If you think the person would say no to the question then mind your own business.  Again, it is a matter of respecting another’s Free Will and having respect for yourself.

Be as honest as possible in all forms of communication.  Most people understand that honesty is important, but this is specifically important for practitioners who do sessions on others.  If you don’t have crystal clear communication and have to interpret a message, give the client the least amount of your interpretation and the most amount of what you see/hear/sense.  Allow the client the respect to interpret the message and then, if they ask for your help, then provide assistance.  Don’t assume you understand best for the client.  Your job is to provide an avenue to better understanding because their gifts are not as clear as yours.  Don’t assume you understand better than the client what the message truly is because every message you receive goes through your filters, not the client’s.

Stop what you are doing if it hurts or harms another.  This should be easily understood to most people, but because of one of the questions asked we are going to elucidate.  Let us suppose you are going to hold a meditation and Reiki session with a group of four individuals.  During the meditation, one of the group declares that they sense the angelics are present and the group all says, “wonderful”.  Later, a different member says that the presence of one of the member’s mother is in the room.  That person says, “ok, I am fine with her being here.”  The meditation continues and then the Reiki session begins.

During the Reiki session, a group member says to the person on the table, “I sense an Ascended Master is here and wants to give you a gift,” and the person on the table says, “Who is it?”  What do you do now?  Disrupt the session and explain who you think the Ascended Master?  Just expect the person on the table to absorb your belief about the situation and go on with it?  Tell the Ascended Master that they will have to wait to give the gift until the person understands who they are?  Ask the Ascended Master to clearly identify what the gift is they want to give and what strings are attached to it?

We would recommend that an Intention is set prior to any energy work or healing session, clearly identifying who is energetically welcome to participate in the session.  This way everyone is going into the session with a clear understanding of who may show up and that they welcome those with energetic blessings.

Take action to correct what hurt or harm was done by you; perhaps you told someone that an energy being was present but that person truly did not understand what that meant.  Is it your responsibility to do anything about that?  Yes, it is.  You pushed through your own agenda of having that energy being present without respect to the other person and his/her free will choices.  The harm may merely be that they never trust you again, but are you deserving of trust if you withheld information from them?  If there is an energy being present and you tell that energy being that the person with you does not understand and that it would not be ethical for the energy being to continue, that energy being is itself not ethical if it does not withdraw from the session.  Which should then be an indicator of whether that energy being is worthy of trust.

Beloved Ones, We Angelics love you and always will.  You may stumble or fall during your life, but We will always be there to support you and help you up again.  Sometimes the hardest lessons of all are when you must admit you have failed another person.  This may bruise your ego somewhat, but admitting you hurt or harmed another person, whatever the intention was, may indeed help that person get to a place of safety. You would not want to be the person who transmitted something detrimental to the other because you believed something was magical and special and did not want to ruin the moment by asking the other his or her permission, would you?

Light Beings that are 100% of the Light, 100% in alignment with each participants’ highest and best good will understand and respect that each person has a free will choice, even if that free will choice is to reject the offering of the Light Being.

We have presented a lot to consider and We are sincere in our desire for you to take some amount of time and think about your personal integrity and your spiritual ethics.  We want only the best for your highest and best good, but we respect your right to choose as you understand that you will live with the karmic repercussions of your choices.

Blessings to you, Beloved Ones, on this day.  Remember you are the Children of the Creator and of Light and go and seek forth the Light Within.

We love and support you.

Giving Away Your Power Is Not Good

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

When you sit in contemplation today, look closely at your life.  All that you are and all that you have and do is a result of your personal choices and non-choices.  You are surrounded by the creation of your reality and it is a lovely thing.  Even if you don’t like your life, change is imminent should you choose a different choice now.  Few beings possess such control over their life and as such free will is important to your life.

There are many beings that exist outside of the earth realm; many are Light Beings who have ascended from their own realities and are on a path to help others gain knowledge and to grow beyond their limitations.  There are others, though, who have merely surpassed the technology and construction that surrounds their and your realities.  When you encounter these beings, many try to pass themselves off as higher beings, portraying their intentions to you as them merely trying to help you help yourself or to help humanity grow.

It is helpful for you to understand that discernment is very important as many of you are quite open to the suggestion that there are those “out there” who want to help.  Discernment is not judgment, but it will provide you with a basis to make a decision.

Do these beings offer help or advice or are they merely providing emotional support?
Light Beings 100% in Alignment with your Highest and Best Good and 100% in Alignment with the Creator in Alignment with the Creator will not tell you what to do and will not try to make you behave in any way.  Respect for Free Will is paramount and any being that tries to convince you to take any course of action is not a Being of Light in Alignment with the Creator.

Do these beings say they are coming in to raise the vibration of the planet to help you?
The earth plane was created by the Creator and you inhabit the earth plane because your Higher Self chose this lifetime for you.  Many things that are taking place on the earth right now are stimuli to help individuals grow.  If someone says they are coming in to raise the vibration or to help humanity get past a certain “point”, ask is that not like cheating on a test?  If the point of the stimuli is to give people a kick in the pants to help them become Aware, is not accepting someone else to take on the responsibility of change actually giving them your own power and you taking a back seat?

There are many forms of detritus that exist on this plane of existence right now; they have been built into the “system” to help humanity grow and expand the consciousness.  Many of them are quite good at lying, telling people exactly what they want to hear, and they can project emotions that make them seem sincere and truthful.  But within a short period of time the suggestions and ideas from these detrimental entities turn from good into bad and extracting yourself becomes quite difficult. Sometimes the price you pay for making those decisions is extremely high and can cost you family, friends, and your life even.

It is not our intention to tell you what to do in these scenarios.  Our intention is only to place the idea of discernment forward and center so that you have something to balance against encouragement from an outside source.  Always, always, always look at the motivations behind any suggestion. Light Beings 100% in Alignment with your Highest and Best Good and 100% in Alignment with the Creator will not suggest actions, they respect a person’s Free Will.  So, if a purported Being of Light suggests you take an action, think twice.  If they suggest an action that benefits you but takes away from someone else, think carefully about why you are engaging in conversation with this Being.

Do you really think a Light Beings 100% in Alignment with your Highest and Best Good and 100% in Alignment with the Creator would really encourage you do to something that would harm anyone in any way?

If something benefits you but requires you give your power to them, do you really think a Light Beings 100% in Alignment with your Highest and Best Good and 100% in Alignment with the Creator would suggest that?

Remember – this is your incarnation, your lifetime to experience and even should you choose to do either of the above, Light Beings 100% in alignment with your Highest and Best Good and 100% alignment with the Creator will not try to stop you.  We Love you and Support you regardless of what action you take or do not take.  We will never tell you what to do or not do because each of you has Free Will and we want you to live your life in accordance with that Free Will.  We will not stop you from giving away your Personal Power and we will not think less of you for doing so.  Our Love is Unconditional, Unswerving, and Unending and we will be here with you always.