Listen for Your Inner Voice

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Very often We are asked why the Angelics don’t do “more” for humanity.  Why do We sit and allow humans to do “things”.  Most of the time, the “things” referred to are destructive things, things that may cause pain or distress to others or the planet they live on.  Why, indeed?

We have touched before on the topic, but it bears repeating.  It is not up to the Angelics to say “do this” or “do that” and life will be perfect.  It is up to you to realize that life is perfect at all times.

The world you live on, the age you live in, the situations presented to you, and the ones that exist in your life are all perfect for presenting to you the opportunities, challenges, and choices designed into your life plan.  As you change and grow these will also change and grow, ever providing you with opportunity to recover the connection to the Creator that each person desires within.

In the meantime, look within for Guidance for even the most “ignorant of savages” has a voice within that says, “this is right action” or “this is wrong action”.  It is just that they are more inclined to listen to their voice within than products of ‘civilization’ who have been taught that the voice within is their imagination.

Instead, imagine that voice is the clear, unwavering connection to your Higher Self, to Spirit, to the Creator itself and every time you tap into that connection you could fill yourself with Love and Joy, enough to sustain you for every moment of every day.

Instead of saying, “why don’t you Angelics do X,” imagine instead every day you sit in a quiet place and quiet your mind for 10 minutes and call out to that voice within and say, “here I am!  Show me the way!” and the voice does just that.

Is that not a better way to do things – to be independent and clear thinking and making active choices in your life instead of passively allowing events to happen to you.  Passive allowance is still a choice – you are not being given a chance to evade responsibility by being passive.  Indeed, by choosing to be a passive human you have the opportunity to develop more karmic agreements and more opportunities to learn than those who wrest control of their lives into their own hands.

What is the worst that could happen should you choose to live your life fully?  Instead of being fully miserable each day you could be living with Joy and in Harmony.  Why is that such a hard choice for you to make?  Is it that you have become filled with apathy the longer you stagnate in passivity?  Or is it that you are stagnated by fear?  Fear of change, fear that a choice could result in “a worse situation” than what you currently exist in.

Fear not!  For while change may cause temporary discomfort, when the changes are finished you WILL be in a better place when you listen to the voice within, when you take in the Love and Joy of the Creator, and We Angelics will support you every step of the way.

We just cannot tell you what those steps are – you have to discover them for yourself.

You are Loved beyond measure, Beloved One!  Take that Love and turn your fear into Courage, into Love, and turn your existence into one in which you are making the decisions actively, fully, with clarity and resolution to do that which is in alignment with your Highest and Best Good.

Know that You Are Loved and that We Will Always Love You.


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