Love is the Way of All Things

Greetings Beloved Ones.

Human life is not meant to be for ever – it is meant to be an experience.  Once finished, then you return home to Us, those who Love you.  Do not despair, for even though it may seem that life is difficult and that you fail at everything, in Truth you are indeed living a glorious adventure and growing more every day for it.  Every so called “failure” is nothing more than a piece of a lesson to be learned.  Everyone has the same basic lessons and while there is flexibility on how the lesson may be experienced and definitely Free Will on how each person chooses to process the lesson, everyone has the same basic things to learn.

Love – for others and for self

and so on.  These are some of the biggest of the lessons each person experiences and while you may look at others and think that their experiences not been as bad or as traumatic as yours, indeed they are experiencing exactly what they need to grow along their own life path, so what they experience does equate as traumatizing to them just as yours have been to you.

How does that feel?  To look at someone and instead of thinking they are luckier than you, to know instead that they are in the same emotionally messed up, hurt place that you are.

Does that excuse any of their behaviors towards you or others? Or, does it give you a little bit of compassion in understanding why they do what they do?  It does NOT excuse what they do – just adds understanding to the why.

Humans do not have the “right” – from birth or wealth or whatever crazy reason someone comes up with – to treat anyone else poorly.  They CHOOSE to do that – and there is reason behind why they do it, but that does not make it RIGHT.

We say these things to you because you need to know deep within you that when someone says or does something that affects you that it is not about YOU at all – it is about them, what they have experienced in their lifetime, the choices they made and then had to live with, and in the end, how much do they really hate themselves.

If each person on the planet loved themselves for 2 minutes every day the way We Angelics Love you, your reality would not be as it is right now.  It is a choice, and even if you don’t think you have the ability to make choices to the differ, indeed you do, even when it is nothing more than the choice of attitude or mindset.

Look around you.  We Love you and We Love the person who lives next door, and We Love the cashier you processed your groceries, and We Love your boss, and everyone you fear or hate.  We Love Each and All of You.  You are each precious to Us.  We Love you and you are Loved.

Think about that as you are driving on the road, cursing out people without taking two seconds to wonder if they are afraid to drive and how great their need must be to force them to do something daily that traumatizes them.

Could you do that?  Do something multiple times daily even if it scared you to death, day after day after day?  Think about your phobias.  Some people have silly ones and others could be considered life threatening.  If you had to walk out onto the ledge outside a 50 story building every day but were afraid of heights, or falling, or open spaces – could you do it?  Would you creep along, holding tightly to the edge of the building with every cell of your fingers or hands, praying to not fall?  Or would you jump and leap about thinking you were just fine and had no idea why anyone would be concerned about falling off a 4″ ledge?

This is an important part of life.  Do not mock someone because of their fears, but to understand that their fears control them, just as your fears control you.  And not – reach for the Love and Compassion that follows this understanding and share that with others. Everyone around you is the same as you; everyone has fears and everyone has a desire to be loved.

We Love you and you have the potential to Love just as many as We do.  Why not give it a try?

We are here for you, to support you and Love you.



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