Allow the Light to Fill You

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Today, as your day dawns anew and grows into another full day of activity after activity, do your best to carve out of that busy day a few moments to commune with the Creator. Perhaps your way is to get on your knees and pray.  Perhaps your way is to light a candle and do some chanting.  Mayhaps you ensconse yourself in a closed environment and meditate for hours at a time.  Really, there is no one way to reach the Creator except that one must desire to feel the touch of that which is All.

Do you feel as if you are blemished and unworthy?  Do you have doubts as to whether there really is a greater power?  Are you afraid that when you do feel the touch that you are going to be driven mad with guilt and reprisals of how you could have lived your life “better”?

Please allow me to assure you – when you truly touch the being that is the Creator you will feel nothing but Love, regardless of how you lived your life and what you may have chosen to do in it.  The Creator knows this earth plane is a difficult place to exist, but the Creator also saw every possibility of your life choices and life events before you were approved to be put here.  The Creator is not a god of human emotions – rather the Creator rises above all pettiness and only Loves.

The Creator Love everyone equally; you may console yourself that the idiot who cut you off in traffic has now created karma that will prevent him from going to heaven, but the Truth is that you will all return to whence you came.  Do not mistake acceptance for privilege, however, for that does not give you largess to live in chaos and hurt others without regard. For those actions will result in karma that will need to be cleansed at some point.

Rather, gather your self this morning, reach out to the brightest light that exists within you, and ask that you be Guided this day to do all that is in your Highest and Best Good. Your request will be heard and you will receive Guidance from your High Self, your Guardians, and your Guides.  If you pay attention, listen, and then follow through with that Guidance you can be assured that your day will be touched by the Light that Is.

When this happens, you will be given opportunities to Love those around you, to forgive others of their trespasses, to walk in the shadows without fear – bringing the Light that burns within you to chase them off.  The Love of the Creator is a blessed thing – one that few humans consciously remember, for even as the Creator reaches out during your waking hours, there are times when the Creator reaches you when you are not conscious.

These moments provide you with reprieve from the human world; they help you remember what it is to be One with those who Love you.  And when you return to your human form you feel rejuvenated, as if from a long, peaceful night’s slumber.

To be One with the Creator is to bring that Peace into your day to day activities, to bring the Love that is shared with you to Others, and to be filled with Joy for you recognize that you have been Touched by the Breath of Creation and it has filled you to capacity again, providing you with the strength to tackle another day of being human with renewed vigor.

We Angelics are here to help you understand this Love.  We are here to support you on your journey back to the Creator.  We are here, not to tell you what to do or to approve of your actions, but to be the symbol of the Creator’s Love present on the human world.  The only symbol that can provide you with a resemblance of the Love you left behind when you came into this world.

Take the support from the Angelics, from your Guides, and your Guardians and let it resonate within you this day.  Let it fill you peace and confidence in yourself, and allow it to lead you to live this day in accordance with your blueprint, with your High Self.

You are Loved and Cherished more than you know.  Allow that Love to fill you, heal you, help you grow, and provide you with resolve to do this every day in some way.  For as you fill with the Light of the Creator you are reborn with new purpose to live your life the best as can.  And no one, not even the Creator, will ever demand that you do more than that.

Blessings to you, Beloved Ones.  We are here for you, always.




©2016 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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