Our Love is Always and Forever

Greetings Beloved Ones.

It is a time of change and growth in your world.  So many opportunities exist and the choices your free will makes will guide your path.  We Angelics want you to know that regardless of what you choose, We are here to Support and Love you – For Always and Forever.

We can say this because Our Love is Constant, a gift to you from the Creator and it is a blessing We are Happy to enjoy.

There was a time, an environment, where humans could not Feel the Love the Angelics had for them.  Humans were cruel to each other and did not realize that Love existed in so many ways.  Then the Creator made a change and allowed Us to interact with humans.  And We Rejoiced!

it is true that not many humans acknowledge our presence, but that does not matter for Our Love for YOU is constant, enduring, and exists Always and Forever.

As you enter this time of your life, as you enter this ending of this calendar year, take a moment to reflect – NOT on the things you did not do, but that you are here and able to take a moment to realize that you are Loved.

Regardless of where you are, regardless of your life circumstances today you exist and within this moment is the seed of creativity, the seed of change, the seed of your Free Will!

Despair exists when separation from the Creator exists.  If you feel despair and sadness now, it is time to look within for the path to the Creator exists within each human.  The path is the promise the Creator made to you when you were allowed to incarnate on the human plane.

Seek out the Love that exists within your Heart Center; it is there and cannot be extinguished no matter how dark you perceive your life to be. There is nothing in your world and no choice that you might make that would turn the Creator away from you.

The Creator Loves you exactly as you are.  Your life on the human plane is a gift the Creator has given to you to experience.  When you return to the Creator after this life is over do not fear for the Creator will embrace you fully regardless of the choices you made for that is the promise the Creator made with you.

Do not listen to those who wish to make you dislike yourself or hate yourself.  Listen deep within to the voice of the Creator within you.  Feel the rhythm of the Love that hums inside you – the connection to the Light is there and it is strong.

We say this repeatedly because it cannot be said enough – you are Loved.  Your world is dark and filled with those who would put you into a bubble of fear.  Do not allow them to lock you away.  Do not allow them to diminish the Light that exists within you.  Do not allow them to crush your Spirit and rip away the idea that you are worthy of Love.

If possible, make the change in your life to remove the presence of those who would do this to you.  You deserve to be surrounded by those who accept and love you for who you are and if you are in an environment where that is not the case, please consider making the choice to leave it.

We are aware that some individuals do not have the ability to leave these environments and We are Always with them, Supporting them, Succoring them during this time.  For those who have the ability to make choices and change, We are with you as well!  Our Love is Always and Forever AND it is Infinite!  We do not limit who we Love for that is not the way of the Creator.

Take this moment to close your eyes and breathe in slowly.  Put yourself into a light meditative state and allow Us to Commune with you, to Share our Love for you with you.  Be in this moment with Us at this time, now. Breathe and Be.

And most of all, remember We Love you Always and Forever.