Love is All There Is

Greetings Beloved Ones!

Today is a day of great hope, joy, and celebration for you are soon to be entering a time of opportunity.  Release your fears and allow the Love of the Universe to flow deeply into you, freeing you from the tyranny of the hurts and wounds accumulated over time.  Heal through the Vibration of the Universe accessible to you while you read these words.  Read them as many times as needed to stimulate the Healing needed by you.

Love is a complex thing in the Human World; in the energetic reality of our existence it is All That Is.  The Universe is but One and We are Each part of that One.  The only separation you experience is an illusion created to allow you the life you live as a human.

Realize that the people who surround you are not different from you, they are a part of you.  Indeed, you are a part of them.  We are all part of the Universal and as such we are all made from Love and return to Love in all realities, all forms, regardless of the choices made while human or other incarnated form, for Spirit Loves ALL.

Love one another in as many ways as possible while honoring each other’s life path and Free Will choices.  Share the Love you hold within you with those in your life – don’t withhold it or parse it out as if it were the most precious of metals.  Love IS the most precious thing in your reality and the more you share it, the more it will return to you.

Allow the Love of the Universe to shine through you, allow it to blind those around you, to encompass your etheric bodies and auras and to flood from your eyes as you look around you and gaze upon all in your world.

Love binds all of Spirit’s creations and creatures, large and small, and Love heals all the wounds that exist within.  Take the blessing that is included in this email and heal yourself and allow those around you to heal as well.  Cast down your doubts and fears and allow your true essence to flow into being.

Trust in Spirit, for the Universe Loves you Unconditionally, Absolutely.

Blessings to you this day, Beloved Ones.  Blessings to you this day.

What are the Hallmarks of Your Integrity and Spiritual Ethics?

Greetings, Beloved Ones!

Twice today we have had questions posed to Us of a similar nature which We will attempt to answer. We asked our Avatar to look up some human definitions for us that are below.

The questions themselves had to deal with the nature of integrity and ethics and when someone else claims to want to provide assistance to you.  How does one know when there is only genuineness and not an agenda hidden away from view?  Understanding the hallmarks of integrity, especially within the realm of spiritual ethics is incredibly important.  First, though – what are the hallmarks of your integrity?

The Webster-Mirriam defines the following as:
Integrity:  firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.
Hallmark: a mark or device placed or stamped on an article of trade to indicate origin, purity, or genuineness.

So, the hallmarks of integrity are the ways one exhibits the highest standards of moral values.  We believe that those who choose the Spiritual path have discovered that integrity is of vital importance to this path – both to oneself and to others.  We also believe that those who seek to help others should also know that high integrity is important – both to helping those indicated as well to developing the trust of those who may be watching.  Trust can also be lost when someone has behaved in a way that betrays the claim of ethical standards.

We in the Angelic realm know that humans do not see others as the Angelics do, We know you cannot see within the heart of another and know whether their intentions are pure or not.  Many on the earth plane use their sensitivity to determine whether or not to accept someone’s aid and most of the time We would say this would be one correct step of several that could be taken.  But one should never accept any person’s word on blind faith.  Most humans We encounter take much effort to persuade that We are real and that We love them.  We accept this as part of the process as humans have each had experiences where trust does not come easily.

There is one situation where We find that Trust comes a little too easily to you – when you are hearing something that pleases you.  If you hear someone say something that echos a belief you hold within you, many of you will drop your doors and invite the stranger into your life, into your world, into your mind, and into your heart without ever double-checking their integrity.

Gnothi Seauton – KNOW THYSELF

We think this is an excellent opportunity for you to review a simple question – what are the hallmarks of YOUR personal integrity?  While it is not necessary for those in your life to be echos of who you are, for high degrees of trust you must know yourself to know if someone else is in alignment with your beliefs.  Otherwise the relationship you build with that person will collapse within a short time.

If you cannot define who you are or what values you hold dear, how will you ever know if someone you meet truly has your highest and best good as their intentions?  Is that not why people want others in their lives – to be valued and appreciated?  People don’t want to be used or mislead, deceived, or tricked – they want to be liked and loved for their unique self.  The Angelics will always love you, regardless of who you are or what you do.  Humans are different and people raised in similar situations can hold different ethical standards dear.  So, let’s put some ideas for consideration out there for you to consider.

What are the hallmarks of integrity and spiritual ethics?  An spiritually ethical person will always:

*respect for others’ boundaries, Free Will choices, and privacy,
*ask express permission to seek Guidance or Information about that person,
*be as honest as possible in all forms of communication,
*stop what they are doing if it hurts or harms another, and
*take action to correct what they have done that caused hurt or harm another.

There are others, but let’s explore the ones listed above now.

Respect is important in all situations.  What are one’s personal boundaries? In some cases it make take a while to determine what another’s boundaries are, but one can always communicate with that person in a kind and respectful manner to determine their comfort level.  Many people do not like physical touch.  Do you brush aside their discomfort and touch or hug them any way?  Do you ask them their thoughts and allow them the time they need to respond to your questions?  Do you respect their response to your questions and not try to persuade them that you are correct if you disagree with them?  Many times people express sympathy or pity for a person whose life is different than their own. We ask that you do not feel these things, but instead Honor the person and their Free Will choices that led them to where they are now.

Each person on the earth plane has the right to make their own Free Will choices and they alone have the ability to shape and change their reality.  Respect them for those choices and allow them compassion where warranted, but do not pity them for pity is a negative emotion that expresses self-satisfaction and arrogance.  Those are not exactly traits of a spiritual person, hmm?

Everyone has the right to not answer questions they don’t want to.  Just because you may see yourself in the role of advisor or spiritual guru does not mean you can ask any question you choose. Even in performing an authorized session with the person you receive guidance to ask them specific questions they have the Free Will right to NOT ANSWER.  Respect that choice for you would not want your right to make your own choices taken away from you.

Ask express permission to seek Guidance or Information about that person – what does this mean? This means that no matter how clearly you communicate with your guides you don’t have the right to dig and dive into someone else’s life if they have not given you express permission to do so, even if they are friends or family.  Everyone has the right to privacy and just because they may not know how to shield themselves does not mean you have the right to thrust yourself upon that person and “share” information received.  If you don’t feel comfortable asking the person for permission to get information for them then why are you looking?  If you think the person would say no to the question then mind your own business.  Again, it is a matter of respecting another’s Free Will and having respect for yourself.

Be as honest as possible in all forms of communication.  Most people understand that honesty is important, but this is specifically important for practitioners who do sessions on others.  If you don’t have crystal clear communication and have to interpret a message, give the client the least amount of your interpretation and the most amount of what you see/hear/sense.  Allow the client the respect to interpret the message and then, if they ask for your help, then provide assistance.  Don’t assume you understand best for the client.  Your job is to provide an avenue to better understanding because their gifts are not as clear as yours.  Don’t assume you understand better than the client what the message truly is because every message you receive goes through your filters, not the client’s.

Stop what you are doing if it hurts or harms another.  This should be easily understood to most people, but because of one of the questions asked we are going to elucidate.  Let us suppose you are going to hold a meditation and Reiki session with a group of four individuals.  During the meditation, one of the group declares that they sense the angelics are present and the group all says, “wonderful”.  Later, a different member says that the presence of one of the member’s mother is in the room.  That person says, “ok, I am fine with her being here.”  The meditation continues and then the Reiki session begins.

During the Reiki session, a group member says to the person on the table, “I sense an Ascended Master is here and wants to give you a gift,” and the person on the table says, “Who is it?”  What do you do now?  Disrupt the session and explain who you think the Ascended Master?  Just expect the person on the table to absorb your belief about the situation and go on with it?  Tell the Ascended Master that they will have to wait to give the gift until the person understands who they are?  Ask the Ascended Master to clearly identify what the gift is they want to give and what strings are attached to it?

We would recommend that an Intention is set prior to any energy work or healing session, clearly identifying who is energetically welcome to participate in the session.  This way everyone is going into the session with a clear understanding of who may show up and that they welcome those with energetic blessings.

Take action to correct what hurt or harm was done by you; perhaps you told someone that an energy being was present but that person truly did not understand what that meant.  Is it your responsibility to do anything about that?  Yes, it is.  You pushed through your own agenda of having that energy being present without respect to the other person and his/her free will choices.  The harm may merely be that they never trust you again, but are you deserving of trust if you withheld information from them?  If there is an energy being present and you tell that energy being that the person with you does not understand and that it would not be ethical for the energy being to continue, that energy being is itself not ethical if it does not withdraw from the session.  Which should then be an indicator of whether that energy being is worthy of trust.

Beloved Ones, We Angelics love you and always will.  You may stumble or fall during your life, but We will always be there to support you and help you up again.  Sometimes the hardest lessons of all are when you must admit you have failed another person.  This may bruise your ego somewhat, but admitting you hurt or harmed another person, whatever the intention was, may indeed help that person get to a place of safety. You would not want to be the person who transmitted something detrimental to the other because you believed something was magical and special and did not want to ruin the moment by asking the other his or her permission, would you?

Light Beings that are 100% of the Light, 100% in alignment with each participants’ highest and best good will understand and respect that each person has a free will choice, even if that free will choice is to reject the offering of the Light Being.

We have presented a lot to consider and We are sincere in our desire for you to take some amount of time and think about your personal integrity and your spiritual ethics.  We want only the best for your highest and best good, but we respect your right to choose as you understand that you will live with the karmic repercussions of your choices.

Blessings to you, Beloved Ones, on this day.  Remember you are the Children of the Creator and of Light and go and seek forth the Light Within.

We love and support you.