Step Back and Take Stock

Greetings Beloved Ones.

We angelics would like you to ponder an idea.  When you are struggling with doing something and nothing seems to be going well, what do you do?  What is your pattern of behavior in situations like this?

We ask this because many people engage in the self-destructive pattern of continuing to throw themselves into the situation because they are afraid to “fail”.  They are afraid to be seen or afraid to view themselves as a “quitter” and so they continue to battle onward.  Unfortunately, this is not always what is in your highest and best good.

Challenge exists on the human plane and that you will find challenges throughout your lifetime.  When you encounter something challenging, we would like you to take a moment to step back, become calm and centered, and ask yourself, “why am I doing this?”.

This simple question, asked when you are grounded and balanced and in a neutral emotional state, can help direct your next steps.  So much negative energy is wrapped up in frustration, hurt, and anger feelings and while these certainly can damage you yourself, when you are caught up in a cycle of these negative emotions many times you can also hurt those around you – especially those you love.

There are many detrimental energies that exist on the human plane that encourage these types of emotions and events.  They fan the fire of your ire and then bask in the glow that erupts through harsh words and physical actions.

This is not the path of Love.  These are not actions chosen for you by Spirit.  Whenever any emotion other than Love is felt or expressed by you, realize that you are not acting from a place of Love and you are not acting in connection with Spirit.  Take control and step back and review the situation from a place of calm and detachment.

Your Higher Self has many challenges planned for you in your lifetime.  Your Free Will choices allow you to choose how you will act and live your life.  But we angelics are asking you to stop negative behavior patterns because this is not about overcoming a challenging.  The true challenge is to recognize when you are being manipulated by energies that don’t want you to succeed in living a life based in Love.

Love is all there is, truly.  When you turn away from Love you are adding to the difficulty in your life.  When you turn back to Love, and ask to be shown what else you could be doing, another path will be shown to you.  It may also have challenges, but when you choose the path of Love the challenges will be fewer and your Love of Self and Others will continue to grow.  Choose Love, always.

Keep this in mind, Beloved Ones.  We love you and are here with you always.

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