If Only…..

Greetings Beloved Ones.

If only my boss would…

If only my mother would…

If only my children would…

My life would be happy if only…

If only.

If this phrase begins any of your sentences or exists in your thoughts this Message is for you.  The mirage of control affects many humans in a variety of forms and formats, but when you try to control another human being you are not respecting that person’s right to free will.  Granted, if you are raising small children then it is your responsibility to keep them safe and to teach them right from wrong as your society dictates.

But when you believe that if someone would only behave a certain way or do certain things the way you think they should, then the problem is not the other person – it is YOU.  Yes, the other person is certainly not perfect, but you cannot go through life trying to make anyone other than you change.  The only person you can change is yourself.  How has that gotten you so far in this lifetime?

We angelics are around you and are sending you love and support at all times.  We want you to make the changes in your life and to your life that will allow you to become the person you wanted to become when you and your Higher Self designed this lifetime for you.  We will help you find the strength that exists within you to say goodbye to people and habits that are not what you want and we will be beside you when you walk into the new places you want to find and explore.

You may say to yourself that you love someone and that if they really loved you they would stop behaving in such a way or they would do X instead of Y.  We say to you that this thought process is not love.  It is hope mixed with control issues which leads to manipulation of people and situations and leads only to unhappiness, both for you and the other person as well as anyone else caught in the backlash.

It does not matter if the other person is a parent, a child, a partner, a friend, a co-worker or someone for whom you might feel caring and affection.  The who does not matter because the common denominator is you and you are where change has to start and finish.

You are a being of Light that chose to incarnate into this human plane and you are surrounded by others who chose to come here as well, but they came with different life plans and different lessons and so their lives are different from yours – sometimes extremely different.

There are several ways this message can go, but the message we want to impart here today is that you do not love yourself when you look to change others.  Others will reflect an image to you that you do not like and so you want to change them, but the true image starts inside of you and others are just reflecting it back to you.  Start looking within yourself to make changes to heal yourself, to learn to love yourself, and make those changes throughout your life so that you can live the life you wanted to live.

The financially richest person in the human plane can live a life void of love and care and the financially poorest individual can be blessed with an abundance of love and experiences, while most people fall in between.  When you pray to the Creator for financial abundance and your prayer is not answered, do you doubt the existence of the Creator?  The next time you do not receive what you want, look inside for you have not asked for the correct item.

Look inside and have a conversation with your Higher Self.  The ability exists within each person to communicate with their Higher Self, their angels, and the Creator.  Start with your Higher Self and ask, “Am I living my life in alignment with my plans?  Am I living my life the way I wanted it to be?  What do I need to change to be truly living in alignment?”  When you life in alignment with your life plan you will be filled with happiness because there is no room for strife.

It may take some time practicing meditation to hear/feel the answer to your questions, but these are excellent questions to ask yourself at any time you are confused about your thoughts, feelings, situations, or actions.

Your Higher Self loves you as you are a piece of it, designed to have experiences on the Earth Plane.  Not one human was designed to have a “perfect life” as humans think of it – a life without pain, discomfort, hurt emotions, physical trauma, poverty or financial abundance.  Each human experience has its own challenges and when you spend time saying “if only” you are diminishing your life experiences as well as whomever you are saying it about.  Even the person living on the street begging for coins has made many choices in his or her life.  To feel pity, sympathy, or disgust for that person is to denigrate them and their right to live own their life.  Instead, feel compassion and love, knowing that this person is living out the power that belongs to them – to live a life of Free Will choices.

Each life is filled with choices.  But when someone makes a decision based off what they want others to think of them or what they should do, that is not a choice in alignment with your higher self.  Even if it seems the right thing to do, it is not the right decision for you.  The right decision for you is when you feel inside that the decision is correct by resonating within you.

Each human fools themselves into thinking they are making correct decisions because they were raised a certain way to believe this or that.  Part of becoming who you were meant to become is to question your beliefs and ideas to see if they are truly YOURS or if they are just ones you accepted because you were raised that way or because someone you loved believed them.  The gift of Free Will is a precious gift that every human possesses.

Do not give away your right, your power to make Free Will choices in your life.  You may find that the decisions you choose may not be popular with others, but when they resonate within you they will lead you to the life you ought to be living, not the life you keep telling yourself “if only’s” about.

When you live your life with Free Will you can experience a rich life with diverse experiences and blessings in many forms.  Do not take away any one else’s right to live his or her Free Will and give yourself the blessing of living your own life through your Free Will.  We angelics are here to support you and we love you beyond human measure and will share our love for you with you whenever you ask.

Angelics allow you to experience whatever you choose to experience in the human plane, even if you do not choose to make Free Will decisions.  We will be here with you every day until you pass from this plane back to the Creator.  You are always Loved.  Take that knowledge and learn to love yourself today, little bit by little bit.  We will be here with you, every step of the way.

Blessings to you.

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