The Authentic You

Greeting Beloved Ones.

We visit with you today to touch upon a topic we have mentioned before, but which is one of great importance to humans – truth and authenticity.

Many times as you are being raised you are taught to be “something”. You care and respect, or maybe you just fear, those who hold your life in their hands and so as a small child you begin the process of conformity. Even those who seem to rebel are conforming to some degree.

While we see that survival in human form often requires compromises, we object to the turning away of the inner truth you each hold inside of you. You are born not only with a blueprint to your personality but also with an intrinsic understanding of and the ability to commune with the Creator.

For those who wish to grow and develop in their spiritual experiences it is imperative that you stop lying to yourself and embrace the truth. You may have to take it all in with bite sizes, but the truth will set you free.

The truth exists within you and when you wipe away the haze that has covered you all your life for the clarity that is Truth you will gain much, incliding the opportunity to form new opinions and new perspectives about your life, the people in your life, and your future.

This can be scary for some people. Please know that we angelcis are here with you, every moment of every day and you will not be alone through the process. But it will cost you to proceed.

You may lose friends. You may alienate some family members. You may find that you need to make a career change and possibly find a different place to live. These things can be challenging, but they will also be rewarding. Your life will shift into alignment with your blueprint. People will gravitate to you and you will start new friendships with people who recognize you and not what you were programmed to be.

You will find yourself led into a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purposes in this lifetime, and you will find yourself filled with joy without realizing why. You won’t struggle with the day to day as you did. Life won’t become miraculously easy and you wont most likely become a millionaire overnight, but what you will gain will be worth every second and every challenge.

For some people the changes are filled with happiness while others will struggle and question why they even made the first change. Or somewhere in between or something different. It is all good. Everyone is different and there is no one way to find the truth within you.

But there are dozens of reasons to do it and they all exist within you. Please. Take a moment during your meditation and check to see if you are truly living your life in alignment. Everyone should do that every day, because the Creator has given humans incredible lives to live so why would you live someone else’s life when you have your own? It is so easy to go along living and be content and not think twice about being in alignment, but that is the perfect reason to check with your guides and angels and higher self. Just because you are comfortable does not mean you are in alignment. In some cases it may mean that you have fallen asleep and need to wake up.

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