Choose Love

Greetings, Beloved Ones!

Submission is spoken of often in negative terms by humans,  but it is only through submission to Spirit’s Love will you find true peace.  When you look around you there is nothing but strife, attempts at control, and destruction of personality.  These human qualities are often given as characteristics of love, but true Love does not demand that you abandon yourself to another.  Submission to Spirit is NOT the same as submission to another human and should never be confused.

Submission to Spirit is done through acceptance of self and acceptance of Spirit.  It is a greeting of a partner to a partner, but it is also the acknowledgement that one’s partner’s ability to Love you completely and totally is greater than your human capacity to love.  This is not a “bad thing” for you were designed to be this way.  Spirit Loves you completely and utterly and there is absolutely nothing that you as a human can do that will lessen that Love.

Humans are easily pushed away via emotions and situations that do not “fit”.  Emotions are quickly labeled as “love” when they are not.  Dig into yourself, dig into your memories, and recall times when you thought something was love, but after a short period of time or after an incident the emotion changed into something that was not-love.

That is ok, too.  Human beings have such wonderfully diverse emotions but often you are not taught how to distinguish those emotions inside of yourself.  Part of your journey here is to experience everything – which means both positive and negative situations.  These situations will cause to you feel an emotional response of some kind.  Sometimes you may feel ashamed of those emotions or of how you react to an emotion, but release that – let it go.  That shame, while an emotion to be experienced, should never hold you back or keep you from growing.

Every day, every moment is a new opportunity for you to grow and become that which you want to be.  When you hold yourself back with negative emotions and memories, you are dishonoring the spiritual being inside of you who wants to experience everything.  Look within.  Love yourself.  Learn to love the you who is that spiritual being.  Love those around you for they are each experiencing their own journey on this planet.  Learn to Love Spirit for the opportunity to have the experience that this lifetime is.

Choose Love – over every other emotion that exists.  Always choose Love.

Blessings to you this and every day!