Exercise #1 – Shielding and Grounding Technique

First, you will shield yourself.

Put yourself in a comfortable sitting position.  As you progress with this exercise, you should be able to do it anywhere during anything happening in your life in just moments.  In the beginning, however, take all the time you need to learn this thoroughly – until it becomes an automatic reflex instead of your having to focus on it.

Relax and take three slow, deep breaths.  Count to 10 for each breath, hold it for at least 3 seconds, and then release the breath through your mouth.

Center your attention inside of yourself – feel your spine, feel where you are, and the space you are physically occupying.

Now, look in front of you, approximately three feet.  A column of white, iridescent energy will have formed.  This column of energy has Archangel Michael’s energy resonance throughout it.  As you stare at it, you realize it goes deep within the earth and reaches far into the heavens.

In reality, this is not a straight column, but it is curved at the top and the bottom.

As you stare at the energy column, it begins to move to your left and slowly will complete a circle around you.  As it moves, repeat to yourself the following phrase:

This is the circle that surrounds me
And protects me
that guides me
And heals me

By the time you get done with the last segment, the column should have returned to the front and you may feel a small energetic “snap”.

(Note – do this at least three times minimum.  Repeat again in cycles of three if one feels vulnerable or unsafe until you do feel safe.  Once comfortable with this technique you should follow your guidance on how many times you need to do this – note, this may vary from day to day!)

When you complete the number of circuits appropriate for you, you should eventually feel an almost audible “click” resonate through you; you may also experience a feeling of increased warmth, safety, and even love.

Now, you are going to ground.

Focus on your feet.  Feel how heavy they are.  How solid.  How they are energetically part of the earth plane while still belonging to you.

Feel roots flowing out from the bottom of your feet, flowing into the ground.  Deeper and deeper until they stop at the perfect depth which you will recognize intuitively.

Now raise your attention to the area above your upper torso; feel yourself move energetic arms (not physical) up and over your head, so they are stretched high above you.  Feel roots develop and grow from your finger tips and reach far above you into the Energy of the Christos that surrounds this planet.

As you do these steps, say to yourself:

I reach below
I reach above
I pull it all together
And I fill myself with love.

As you say this, you begin to feel energy move up from Mother Earth and energy flow down from the Christos.  Feel the energy blessing you as it moves up the roots into your feet and down your fingers into your body.  Allow yourself the time to move slowly, paying attention to every part of you that the energy enfolds, perfectly moving through your energy form until both energy chords reach the heart chakra.

Once at the heart chakra, the energy will pool.  After a while, the energy will begin to flow through your energy meridians until you are encased in a web of light.  This light will highlight areas to be removed, will smooth out your energy, and will ground you while leveling and balancing all emotional discord.

Focus on the highlighted parts – these are not you.  Anywhere there is a glow there is a blockage.  Ask Archangel Michael to remove that blockage and then to fill place with Light and raise your vibration.

Once all on the physical level is filled up, the heart chakras will become fountains that open flow the energy to your auric layers, moving up and through each layer for you to cleanse (just as in the physical form) until each is cleansed, balanced, and saturated with the love energy.

Once you feel “full”, thank all the Light beings involved for this gift.

Now, ask the Light to camouflage your outermost layer of shielding so that your energy frequency is “visible” only to those with the intent of serving your highest and best good.

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