Despair, Shame, and Free Will

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

The angelics have a hard time understanding the disconnect humans experience from the Love of the Divine.  Because we know you must be lonely without the All that Is we try to help you rediscover the connection.  When you are able to rediscover the connection, even on a moment by moment basis, you are able to set aside the negative emotions that drive you to distraction.

Distraction from?  From being in a place of Love and Joy at all times.  It is a circular situation.

Despair and shame are two such emotions that humans often experienced and they are linked in ways most people don’t understand.   When one is feeling Love there is no room for anything but Joy.  When one is in a constant state of Joy there is no room for despair. So we try to help you in every way we can to help you realize how perfect and wonderful you are and understand that you are loved absolutely and completely!  No matter who tells you differently!

Humans are taught shame from the time you are born through your parents or guardians conditioning. When you enter the human form as a infant you are still in the process of shifting your energy into that physical form from the spiritual being you are.  As such, you sleep a lot and have to learn about being human.  Every society has different cultural understandings and mores and within that the family environment you are brought into has its own culture and mores.

As you become more fully integrated within your physical shape, you lose your connection with the Divine and you become more dependent upon human emotions shared among your family.  And thus conditioning becomes the primary means for your understanding the world around you and forms your basic understanding of who you are.  Many people are taught from an early age that they are not good enough, not liked, not worthy, and many other things, the most damaging being that you are not lovable.

These ideas create shame and unless one is ‘unconditioned’ of these terrible beliefs of inadequacies, one will continue their entire life in a perpetual state of misery.  Feelings such as shame and misery do not just magically disappear just because is determined to be an “adult” in his or her society.

Even religious institutions perpetuate the feelings of shame and denigration for being exactly as the Creator designed the human race to be.  This is not healthy or desirable.  NOR is it what the Creator feels about you.  The Creator loves you absolutely and completely as you are – warts, faults, “sins”, diseases, disabilities, or anything else that society throws at you as “bad” and “unworthy”.

Shame is an example of an emotion that creates feelings of isolation and loneliness.  These feelings can lead one to choose destructive physical behaviors. The angelics know what you are experiencing and we and your guides and your guardians will reach out to you with love and hope to release those emotions you are experiencing before you hurt yourself or someone else.  Sometimes we are successful, but many times you push us away.  That does not mean we stop trying – it just means that you have made a choice to do what you want – which is your right to free will.

The right to free will is one of the most important aspects of being human.  Each individual has the right to choose whatever actions he or she wants to take.  And all choices you make create your reality.  And if the reality you live in is one of misery and pain we will never desert you for those choices.  We are always here, whenever you choose to reach out to us, and we will love you without faltering – no matter how unworthy or hatefully you think you are.

And that is the message we want to share with you today.  There is no one so horrible or hateful who is not loved by the Creator, by the angelics, by their guides, by their guardians, or by their Higher Self.  We will always put people and situations in your path who may be able to show you a way to a less destructive route.  We will always shower you with Love with the hope that the energy sinks in and helps you heal.  We will never stop trying to help you reconnect with the Love energy of the Divine.

You may make choices that society despises, but you will always be loved by us.  And we are always here, waiting for that moment when you reach out to us.

Remember – You are Loved.

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