Messages and Love

We have been told that so many messages from the archangels and guides all sound the same…that they are repetitive and as a result some people don’t believe the messages are true.  There is really only one message from Spirit, Creator, God, Yahweh, or any other name you want to call the Divine.

Love yourself.  Love those around you.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive those who have hurt you, for they don’t know what they do.  Do not judge others or yourself.  Live with integrity and hope.  Share the joy that is within you.  Become the person you dream about because they only thing stopping you is you.

These are not messages that are unique or terribly “creative”.  They are Truth.  Because humans really don’t believe the messages we, the archangels, repeat these over and over and over again, hoping that one of the times you hear the message it will resonate within you and trigger your awakening.

Humans are so fragile, your emotional states complex and burdensome.  When the point in time occurs where the idea that God loves you no matter what, then the Truth will awaken your eyes within and you will fear nothing and love all.

Messages from Spirit will arrive in wonderful and crazy ways.  The grocery counter man who hands you the lunch meat you requested will say something unexpected and make you blink.  You will overhear the person you sit next to at the restaurant say something that makes you stop looking at your cell phone.  People all over the planet are conduits from Spirit and they will deliver messages that they may not even realize they said.

Find your intuition.  Practice and grow your intuition and allow the messages that the Creator speaks to you daily to sink in.   Grow.  Heal.  Love.  Become one with stillness and silence and realize that those two things really don’t exist.

But most of all, Love.

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