Denial of Self and Self Hatred

Beloved Ones, sometimes we angelics are overwhelmed by the depth and intensity of your emotional spectrum.  We do not lose ourselves in that experience, but the expanse of human emotions is amazing to us.  Each of the Creator’s children have different gifts and capacities to learn and grow, but humans by far have the greatest spectrum of emotion.

What that also means is this – sometimes emotion overwhelms YOU and you cannot pull yourself out of the miasma that surrounds you.  You hate yourself, you judge yourself, and you lose sight that the Creator, above all others, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY ALWAYS.

Human love is capricious, short term, and very conditioned upon this or that set of beliefs.  The Creator is not limited in any way at any time – except by you.  The connection you have to the Creator can not be broken by anything, including death, but you can certainly choose to ignore it.

You can deny the Creator and the Creator will still love you.  You can denounce and turn your back on Spirit, and the Creator will still love you.  You can hurt yourself and the others around you and the CREATOR STILL LOVES YOU.  There is truly nothing that you can do in your lifetime that will make the Creator stop loving you.

So why do you waste so much time and energy convincing yourself that the Creator judges you?  Looks down on you?  Finds you worthless?  Sees you as less-than?  Imperfect?  Damaged?  Worthless?  Ugly?  Stupid?  Or any other term or phrase you can throw out there.

The Creator does not ever think these things about you.  The Creator loves you. Simply.  Deeply.  And was overjoyed when you decided to incarnate as a human so you could have an experience to share with the Creator.

Humans live their lifetime in a very short time frame and they can be packed with events and incidents that can be perceived as negative or positive.  No one is born with a happily-ever-after lifetime.  Yet so many people judge themselves – and others – for decisions made instead of honoring each person and the free will he or she exercises in this lifetime.

Set aside bitterness and judgement and just for a moment, the next time you see another person, see them with the eyes of love.  This person, perhaps a total stranger, is closer to you than you realize.  Maybe you are driving down the road and see a homeless person.  Maybe you will open your backdoor and see the neighbor you cannot stand.  Maybe you will go to work and encounter the people who you feel make the place terrible.

Now, look at them and try to see the energy that connects each of you together.  The Creator loves that person as much as the Creator loves you.  There is no difference.  You are not “better” or “worse” than any other person on this planet.  The Creator does not play favorites!


Because each of us children are created directly from the Creator, born, if you will, from the Creator’s love and energy and desire.  So, knowing that in the Creator’s view there is nothing separating you from that person you encounter why do you feel separate from that person?

Try instead to feel the chord of love and energy connecting you to all the life around you.  Dive into that connection and feel the Love the vibrates through it.  Let that energy heal you, cleanse you of those dark emotions that pull you into self-hatred.  So many times people say that they are happy or content to others, but inside they are tearing themselves to shreds.  They look for anything, any small thing they can perceive as a deficiency and use it to hurt themselves.


Stop hurting yourself.

Stop HATING yourself.

Start LOVING yourself.

You are not “perfect” but NO HUMAN is perfect by the standards you are holding against you.  Start saying this to yourself every time doubt, denial of self, or self-hatred looms in your mind:

I love myself because I am a really cool and fun person to be around.  I love those around me and I am, in turn, loved by them.

Say this as many times as you need to until you believe it.  Because it IS TRUE!

You are cool and fun to be around.  You are loved by those around you and you love them back.  STOP beating yourself up and allow yourself to grow and heal.

YOU ARE LOVED.  Now your task is to start believing it.  And once you do, you will be amazed at how your life will transform!

Blessings to you!

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