Faith, in the human experience, is not a constant.  It is like the ocean, it ebbs and flows; sometimes it is strong and sure and at other times faith diminishes and doubt takes its place.

This is not “BAD”.  The Angelics do not judge the human experience – only humans judge each other.  Faith, like Love, is a process of discovery for each individual on the human path to Awareness.  Sometimes one’s experiences are so harsh that crises of faith occurs.  This is normal and natural and should not be nay said or discouraged.  Instead, explore that experience.

Only those who truly do not believe in “something” will try to convince you that a crises of faith is “bad”.  They imagine every human experience should be a constant, a wall to withstand the experiences through the time that a human has here.  The opposite is true.  Crises of Faith allows walls, barriers, preconceived ideas and conditioning to be ripped down.  Then, only when those ideas that were preventing the person from moving forward are gone, that person will rediscover what Faith is and what it means to him or her.

No one has a monopoly on faith – not spiritual leaders, not so-called gurus, not the “mom” in the corner store, not your parents, grandparents, or a gifted speaker.  When you judge yourself harshly for your experience you are only hurting yourself and giving your power away.

Trust in the experience, be it an event that makes you question Spirit or an episode of the Dark Night of the Soul.  There is a lesson to be learned in surrendering to Spirit and you should embrace that lesson and use it to grow your faith even deeper.  Even if you develop it in a direction you had not considered before.  Even if you follow your intuition into a ritual or process you had previously considered inconsequential.

There is no one way to re-discover Spirit.  There is no one way to Love Spirit.  And there is no one way to worship the essence that exists within you.

Honor yourself.  Respect your own process.  Be one with the Love of Spirit and allow yourself to transform into that which you and your Higher Self planned for this lifetime.

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