Love is Within

When one stills the inner and the outer mind and just FEELS within, one can discern the love that exists within. The love that exists within is not an outside entity reaching in, but it is a part of you that is always constant and present. You are never separate from Spirit because you are always a part of Spirit even in human form, but because of the dross of being human you feel separated and alone.

Do not allow this to discourage you, even when you feel disenchanted and bitter. Turn yourself within and allow yourself to uncover the channel of energy that runs through you at all times. Allow yourself to “taste” the love vibration that exists within you and know that it is not the dribble you perceive, but is instead an ocean flowing within you.

Part of the challenge of being human is discovering this connection to spirit and reconnecting it to you on a conscious level. Part of the challenge of reaching that goal is learning to love yourself even though you hate yourself to some degree.

Do not fear – EVERYONE hates his or herself to some degree. All go through the challenge of being honest with themselves before they can begin the challenge of healing and loving themselves and then finding the current of love energy that belongs to spirit within.

It all takes time and no one gets there before they are meant to. No one can do it for you, but remember – you are never alone and help is always there, waiting for you to ask for that help.

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