Living in the Present Moment

Blessings to you!

All too often, we angelics here that someone is not satisfied with their current state of being.  Their gifts are not advanced enough, they don’t like their gifts, they don’t like their life circumstances, etc. While we can view the human existence from your perspective, many times we do not understand why you don’t like your life.  You created it.  Every decision you ever made has brought you to the moment you are currently living in and we find that to be perfect.  You are perfect.  Your life is perfect.  All is good.

Yet, you humans do not find it to be perfect.  Even when you have reaped what you have sown and you have achieved the success of whatever it is you attempted, you are still not happy.  This is not a criticism, this is merely a statement of discernment.  You are loved and are cared for by your higher self, your guides, your angelics, and by the Creator PLUS you have a life you have created yourself and yet you are unhappy.

By taking form and shape in the human plane, you are doing what the Creator agreed to allow you to do – create your life in the image as you see it.  Many people create lives that are filled with strife and unhappiness, mistaking pity for empathy, mistaking kindness for compassion, twisting empowerment into enslavement.  We, the angelics, now say to you – YOU are the CREATOR of YOUR LIFE.  Instead of blaming a nonsensical “god” figure for your woes, look to yourself and the patterns of behavior your have established in your life.

How many times have you heard or read about someone who was born in the ravages of poverty, yet by their will and intelligence they took themselves out of that environment and created a life of physical abundance for themselves?  Interesting, yes?  Everyone wants that, physical abundance, yes?

If so, then why do the small number of people who have that physical abundance so many yearn for continue to behave as if they are on the edge of poverty?  Always collecting more physical abundance, always trying to become “richer”, maybe even changing their physical appearance so they match the idea in their heads of beauty.  Yet, they are never happy.

Not too many poor people will say they are happy, and truly, not too many of them are, for they also have been taught to be unsatisfied with what is and to look either in the past to a time that “was” or to the future and what “may be”.  We say enough of that.

Stop the self-pity.  Stop the self-hatred.  Stop the me, me, me and the more, more more!  BE PRESENT IN THE MOMENT YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.  ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE EXACTLY AS YOU ARE IN THIS MOMENT.

And then in the next moment.  And the moment after that.  You are ripping yourself into shreds for what?  Because someone in a magazine told you that you were not pretty enough, not rich enough, not the right color, not the right shape, did not come from the “right” part of town, or that you needed to live in “that” part of town to be happy.

Stop it all.

Remember.  The Creator Loves you just as you are.  And you need to do the same thing right now.  In this moment.

So now, we want you to stop.  Roll your shoulders back – stop being hunched in front of whatever electronic equipment you have to read this message and just let your head roll to the side, then the front, then to the other side.  Allow yourself to relax all over.  Free yourself from the tension you are holding in and let it flow out of your body into the ground.

As you feel the tension energy flow into the ground, take a deep breath.  Then another deep breath.  Feel your lungs expanding as you breath in.  Hold that breath.  Now let it out and feel your stomach and chest compress a little with that release.

Then feel your body release as you continue to breath in deeply, hold, and then release.  Count your breaths if your mind starts to wander, but always feel yourself breathing.

Do you know what you are doing?  You are breathing.  In and out.  And you know what?  You are doing it exactly as every other human on this planet is doing it.  No one is doing it better or more gloriously than you.  It does not matter how much money is in their bank account, what shoes are in their closet, what car they drive or what job they have.  At the basic level EVERYONE breathes in the same way.  In and out.  

This is your success of the moment and don’t you dare denigrate this!  THIS IS IMPORTANT.  If you are not breathing you are not going to be alive!  This practice of breathing will allow you to do everything else you are meant to do on this planet!

So breathe…for the next ten minutes, just focus on breathing and being present while you are breathing.

We promise you – it can change your life.

The Mirror Effect

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

Have you ever watched someone behave in a manner that irked you?  Irritated you?  Make you so angry that you just wanted to rage at them about their behavior?  Maybe their behavior was self-destructive and you wanted them to care more about themselves.  Maybe they were hurting someone you cared about and you wanted them to stop hurting that person or people.  Maybe that person was being cruel to you and it hurt your feelings.

These responses to destructive behavior are considered very normal and even healthy that you want to protect others or yourself.  But what about those times when the person really did not do “much” but it put you into an emotional frenzy?  Made you felt like shaking them until they understood what they were doing wrong.  Only later, much later and with physical distance did you realize how silly your reaction was and it is quite possible you might have even been so ashamed of your reaction that you keep some distance between you and that person.

There are several reason why you may have felt that way, but one that exists in the common consciousness is called “mirroring”.  This is a situation where someone does something and you have a visceral reaction to that something because you see that “something” as something within you.  And example follows:

Someone new joins your company and you find them objectionable.  Yes, they get their work done on time and in a satisfactory manner.  No, they don’t smell or dress nasty, but your hair raises up every time you see them and your lip curls into a snarl.  The others accept this person just fine and it seems to be only you having a reaction.  

Then, one day, someone casually says in response to the statement that he seemed to be accepted quickly, “oh, he’s just like you, so it really is not unusual that we accepted him.”  But, you protest, that person is careless of others feelings.  He can be downright inconsiderate of others at times too!  You are nothing like that – how can you say that they are alike?

The person smiles sadly and says, “again – he is just like you.  You might want to look in the mirror some day at how you treat people if you don’t like being treated this way.”

Wow.  Does that sting a little?  Yes, you can have moments where someone tells you that you are just like your mother, or father, or sibling and that stings because most people don’t want to think of themselves as a clone of their parent, but for a total stranger who is a JERK to be told to your face that he is just like you?  Outrageous!

But, the wise person waits.  And watches.  And observes the interactions of this person with others.  Maybe you see that yes, this person is careless of others feelings and maybe he IS inconsiderate at times, but he is not a “bad” person.  He just needs to be educated on how to treat others.

The wise person also starts to examine their own behaviors to try to catch those moments when he falls into that category of careless/inconsiderate.  Maybe this wise person decides he wants to be better person that what the others think he is.  So, he begins to emulate behavior that he feels is considerate and kinder.

He stops pushing his way out of the elevator and lets all the women off first.  He tries to be polite instead of abrupt when someone stops him to ask a question.  He allows others to go first in line at the copier instead of using his rank to go first.

Then, something happens that grabs his attention.  That “new” person who irritated him to just look at him?  He does not see him any where.  He does not notice him in the office or on the elevator.  Finally, one day he stops the person who hit him with the truth and asks where that person was and you get pointed to a cube, one among many.

You go by there and you glance in and you see the person who just a month ago you wanted to strangle.  Now, you don’t have any recollection of seeing his face.  Why?  How come you don’t have that same reaction?  

The answer to this story is simple – you changed the behavior you disliked about yourself into something you did like.  Now that person and you do not behave the same any more so you broke the mirror connection between you to.  No connection, no behaviors, no irritation.  Simple.

It may take a few more weeks or even months for your co-workers to realize you have changed, but you are encouraged that at your age you can still make positive changes in your life.

The people who come into your life as mirrors are there because of “acute agreements” made on the soul level between your higher selves.  His higher self and your higher self agreed for this situation to happen so you would each have the opportunity to grow.

The ability and opportunity for growth never stops.  You always have opportunity to change and become the person you instinctively want to become – even to the moment you pass from this Earth plane.  You have to make the decision, however, to make the changes on your own.  Changes you agree to make because someone is manipulating you, coercing you, bribing or threatening you to make will NOT last.

So when you are ready to make changes that YOU want to make they will come a little easier and last longer.  The change may be difficult – very much so if it involves a type of addiction – but remember, you are surrounded by those who Love you and will be here to support you in all that you do.  

This is one example of mirroring.  Take a few moments to examine your life and see if you can recall a situation where you had such a reaction to someone.  If you can, see if you can reflect back on the situation and see if you can apply an honest view in the mirror and see what you needed to see at that time to move forward on the growth path.

Change is always possible if you want it to.  Regardless of anyone else’s support or lack of support.  You are always in charge of your own life and you create your reality – which means you can change it as well if you don’t like it.

Are you where you really want to be?  Are you happy with the way you are?  Or do you need to look in the mirror for a while and see what you can change.

Remember – you are always Loved, Beloved Ones.

Reaching out to the Love of the Divine

Greetings, beloved ones.

So often, translating the energy that is the natural expression for the angelics into human forms of communication leaves gaps in understanding.  We don’t have separate words for things – we share a connection just as we connect to the All That Is. Words create separation between humans and so we do not prefer to start communicating with words.  The most common method of reaching out to humans is through emotion.

As previously mentioned, we send love and hope all the time to you.  But we also send a variety of other positive emotions.  Sometimes we will help you by assisting with your grounding process and developing a deeper sense of calm within you.  Sometimes we will “nudge” you to look here or go there – usually because we have something in mind for your highest and best good to experience.

On that note, we do want to reiterate that just because something you deem is unpleasant happens does not mean that you are being punished or that you have been misled or abandoned by the angelics.  What it does mean is that sometimes something significant has to happen to provide you with an opportunity for growth.  Because humans live through their emotions, many times for you to break a negative pattern of behavior something must impact you emotionally.  

Now, if this does not sound like what you were raised with believing, we want you to examine who taught you these beliefs about angelics.  We angelics encourage you to return to Spirit through yourself – because each human has a direct connection to Spirit.  Sometimes you reach a point in your life where you reach out spontaneously and reconnect  instinctively.  For some this is true, yet for many others it will not happen this way.  

My point is this – stop judging.   Stop judging!  Do not judge yourself or your experience for you have created your own reality and you CAN change it if you want to.  It may not happen overnight, but don’t worry about that!  If you feel a loving emotion outside of you that does not have a physical point of connection do NOT dismiss it.  It may very well be one of your angels or guides or guardians holding you in an embrace.  Do not count yourself as “crazy” – thank yourself for allowing yourself to feel and soak in the love vibration.  

Only “crazy” people will push away love, yes?  🙂  And the vibration of Love from the Divine has no equal anywhere.  

Now, we do not say invite anything and everything into you – that is stupid.  There are many detrimental energies out there and to invite them in will only lead to trouble.  Instead, be selective and only invite that which has the energy signature of the angelics.  If you cannot tell the difference, then look at your situation.  Are you vulnerable and seeking “anything” that would “help” you?  Or, are you in a place where help is offered without your asking for it.  If it is the latter, then there is a chance it is of the Light.  

If you can, take the time and meditate on the situation and ask for clarity, but most importantly wait for an answer that the vibration is of the Light.

If you do not have time to meditate on it, push it away, banish it, denounce it, and then meditate when you can.  Do not accept anything in that is not attuned to the Light.  Angelics don’t go away in a huff or act punitively or punishingly.  We will always be with you and you won’t hurt our feelings because we always know what you are feeling.  This is not the time or place to talk about the detrimental beings that would behave differently in this situation, but trust us when we say that they do exist and you should always protect yourself in every situation.

My brother Michael has provided my human avatar some protection mantras as the realm of demons and detritus is his purview, and we will try to post those protection mantras on this website in the upcoming days.  Please, read them and use them every day.  Protecting yourself is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

Now, back to today’s message.  Learning to develop your intuition and sensitivities is vital to communicating on a deeper level with the archangels.  Using discernment and stepping away from judgement will allow you the opportunity to experience the Love of the Divine on a more conscious level.  It is a practice that everyone should have on a daily basis.

We ask, when you are ready, to take yourself to your place of peace and talk to your guides, guardians, and angels of Light.  Tell them that you want their help in discerning the Love of the Divine and that you want to build a better relationship with those of the Light who are 100% present for your highest and best good.  Nothing less than 100% will do!  Those beings are the ones sent by the Divine who want to help you rediscover the Creator.  By developing a conscious practice you will help create positive behaviors that will allow the angelics and those of the Light the method to reach you more directly.

Blessings to you all.



Despair, Shame, and Free Will

Greetings, Beloved Ones.

The angelics have a hard time understanding the disconnect humans experience from the Love of the Divine.  Because we know you must be lonely without the All that Is we try to help you rediscover the connection.  When you are able to rediscover the connection, even on a moment by moment basis, you are able to set aside the negative emotions that drive you to distraction.

Distraction from?  From being in a place of Love and Joy at all times.  It is a circular situation.

Despair and shame are two such emotions that humans often experienced and they are linked in ways most people don’t understand.   When one is feeling Love there is no room for anything but Joy.  When one is in a constant state of Joy there is no room for despair. So we try to help you in every way we can to help you realize how perfect and wonderful you are and understand that you are loved absolutely and completely!  No matter who tells you differently!

Humans are taught shame from the time you are born through your parents or guardians conditioning. When you enter the human form as a infant you are still in the process of shifting your energy into that physical form from the spiritual being you are.  As such, you sleep a lot and have to learn about being human.  Every society has different cultural understandings and mores and within that the family environment you are brought into has its own culture and mores.

As you become more fully integrated within your physical shape, you lose your connection with the Divine and you become more dependent upon human emotions shared among your family.  And thus conditioning becomes the primary means for your understanding the world around you and forms your basic understanding of who you are.  Many people are taught from an early age that they are not good enough, not liked, not worthy, and many other things, the most damaging being that you are not lovable.

These ideas create shame and unless one is ‘unconditioned’ of these terrible beliefs of inadequacies, one will continue their entire life in a perpetual state of misery.  Feelings such as shame and misery do not just magically disappear just because is determined to be an “adult” in his or her society.

Even religious institutions perpetuate the feelings of shame and denigration for being exactly as the Creator designed the human race to be.  This is not healthy or desirable.  NOR is it what the Creator feels about you.  The Creator loves you absolutely and completely as you are – warts, faults, “sins”, diseases, disabilities, or anything else that society throws at you as “bad” and “unworthy”.

Shame is an example of an emotion that creates feelings of isolation and loneliness.  These feelings can lead one to choose destructive physical behaviors. The angelics know what you are experiencing and we and your guides and your guardians will reach out to you with love and hope to release those emotions you are experiencing before you hurt yourself or someone else.  Sometimes we are successful, but many times you push us away.  That does not mean we stop trying – it just means that you have made a choice to do what you want – which is your right to free will.

The right to free will is one of the most important aspects of being human.  Each individual has the right to choose whatever actions he or she wants to take.  And all choices you make create your reality.  And if the reality you live in is one of misery and pain we will never desert you for those choices.  We are always here, whenever you choose to reach out to us, and we will love you without faltering – no matter how unworthy or hatefully you think you are.

And that is the message we want to share with you today.  There is no one so horrible or hateful who is not loved by the Creator, by the angelics, by their guides, by their guardians, or by their Higher Self.  We will always put people and situations in your path who may be able to show you a way to a less destructive route.  We will always shower you with Love with the hope that the energy sinks in and helps you heal.  We will never stop trying to help you reconnect with the Love energy of the Divine.

You may make choices that society despises, but you will always be loved by us.  And we are always here, waiting for that moment when you reach out to us.

Remember – You are Loved.

Messages and Love

We have been told that so many messages from the archangels and guides all sound the same…that they are repetitive and as a result some people don’t believe the messages are true.  There is really only one message from Spirit, Creator, God, Yahweh, or any other name you want to call the Divine.

Love yourself.  Love those around you.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive those who have hurt you, for they don’t know what they do.  Do not judge others or yourself.  Live with integrity and hope.  Share the joy that is within you.  Become the person you dream about because they only thing stopping you is you.

These are not messages that are unique or terribly “creative”.  They are Truth.  Because humans really don’t believe the messages we, the archangels, repeat these over and over and over again, hoping that one of the times you hear the message it will resonate within you and trigger your awakening.

Humans are so fragile, your emotional states complex and burdensome.  When the point in time occurs where the idea that God loves you no matter what, then the Truth will awaken your eyes within and you will fear nothing and love all.

Messages from Spirit will arrive in wonderful and crazy ways.  The grocery counter man who hands you the lunch meat you requested will say something unexpected and make you blink.  You will overhear the person you sit next to at the restaurant say something that makes you stop looking at your cell phone.  People all over the planet are conduits from Spirit and they will deliver messages that they may not even realize they said.

Find your intuition.  Practice and grow your intuition and allow the messages that the Creator speaks to you daily to sink in.   Grow.  Heal.  Love.  Become one with stillness and silence and realize that those two things really don’t exist.

But most of all, Love.

Denial of Self and Self Hatred

Beloved Ones, sometimes we angelics are overwhelmed by the depth and intensity of your emotional spectrum.  We do not lose ourselves in that experience, but the expanse of human emotions is amazing to us.  Each of the Creator’s children have different gifts and capacities to learn and grow, but humans by far have the greatest spectrum of emotion.

What that also means is this – sometimes emotion overwhelms YOU and you cannot pull yourself out of the miasma that surrounds you.  You hate yourself, you judge yourself, and you lose sight that the Creator, above all others, LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY ALWAYS.

Human love is capricious, short term, and very conditioned upon this or that set of beliefs.  The Creator is not limited in any way at any time – except by you.  The connection you have to the Creator can not be broken by anything, including death, but you can certainly choose to ignore it.

You can deny the Creator and the Creator will still love you.  You can denounce and turn your back on Spirit, and the Creator will still love you.  You can hurt yourself and the others around you and the CREATOR STILL LOVES YOU.  There is truly nothing that you can do in your lifetime that will make the Creator stop loving you.

So why do you waste so much time and energy convincing yourself that the Creator judges you?  Looks down on you?  Finds you worthless?  Sees you as less-than?  Imperfect?  Damaged?  Worthless?  Ugly?  Stupid?  Or any other term or phrase you can throw out there.

The Creator does not ever think these things about you.  The Creator loves you. Simply.  Deeply.  And was overjoyed when you decided to incarnate as a human so you could have an experience to share with the Creator.

Humans live their lifetime in a very short time frame and they can be packed with events and incidents that can be perceived as negative or positive.  No one is born with a happily-ever-after lifetime.  Yet so many people judge themselves – and others – for decisions made instead of honoring each person and the free will he or she exercises in this lifetime.

Set aside bitterness and judgement and just for a moment, the next time you see another person, see them with the eyes of love.  This person, perhaps a total stranger, is closer to you than you realize.  Maybe you are driving down the road and see a homeless person.  Maybe you will open your backdoor and see the neighbor you cannot stand.  Maybe you will go to work and encounter the people who you feel make the place terrible.

Now, look at them and try to see the energy that connects each of you together.  The Creator loves that person as much as the Creator loves you.  There is no difference.  You are not “better” or “worse” than any other person on this planet.  The Creator does not play favorites!


Because each of us children are created directly from the Creator, born, if you will, from the Creator’s love and energy and desire.  So, knowing that in the Creator’s view there is nothing separating you from that person you encounter why do you feel separate from that person?

Try instead to feel the chord of love and energy connecting you to all the life around you.  Dive into that connection and feel the Love the vibrates through it.  Let that energy heal you, cleanse you of those dark emotions that pull you into self-hatred.  So many times people say that they are happy or content to others, but inside they are tearing themselves to shreds.  They look for anything, any small thing they can perceive as a deficiency and use it to hurt themselves.


Stop hurting yourself.

Stop HATING yourself.

Start LOVING yourself.

You are not “perfect” but NO HUMAN is perfect by the standards you are holding against you.  Start saying this to yourself every time doubt, denial of self, or self-hatred looms in your mind:

I love myself because I am a really cool and fun person to be around.  I love those around me and I am, in turn, loved by them.

Say this as many times as you need to until you believe it.  Because it IS TRUE!

You are cool and fun to be around.  You are loved by those around you and you love them back.  STOP beating yourself up and allow yourself to grow and heal.

YOU ARE LOVED.  Now your task is to start believing it.  And once you do, you will be amazed at how your life will transform!

Blessings to you!


Faith, in the human experience, is not a constant.  It is like the ocean, it ebbs and flows; sometimes it is strong and sure and at other times faith diminishes and doubt takes its place.

This is not “BAD”.  The Angelics do not judge the human experience – only humans judge each other.  Faith, like Love, is a process of discovery for each individual on the human path to Awareness.  Sometimes one’s experiences are so harsh that crises of faith occurs.  This is normal and natural and should not be nay said or discouraged.  Instead, explore that experience.

Only those who truly do not believe in “something” will try to convince you that a crises of faith is “bad”.  They imagine every human experience should be a constant, a wall to withstand the experiences through the time that a human has here.  The opposite is true.  Crises of Faith allows walls, barriers, preconceived ideas and conditioning to be ripped down.  Then, only when those ideas that were preventing the person from moving forward are gone, that person will rediscover what Faith is and what it means to him or her.

No one has a monopoly on faith – not spiritual leaders, not so-called gurus, not the “mom” in the corner store, not your parents, grandparents, or a gifted speaker.  When you judge yourself harshly for your experience you are only hurting yourself and giving your power away.

Trust in the experience, be it an event that makes you question Spirit or an episode of the Dark Night of the Soul.  There is a lesson to be learned in surrendering to Spirit and you should embrace that lesson and use it to grow your faith even deeper.  Even if you develop it in a direction you had not considered before.  Even if you follow your intuition into a ritual or process you had previously considered inconsequential.

There is no one way to re-discover Spirit.  There is no one way to Love Spirit.  And there is no one way to worship the essence that exists within you.

Honor yourself.  Respect your own process.  Be one with the Love of Spirit and allow yourself to transform into that which you and your Higher Self planned for this lifetime.

Love is Within

When one stills the inner and the outer mind and just FEELS within, one can discern the love that exists within. The love that exists within is not an outside entity reaching in, but it is a part of you that is always constant and present. You are never separate from Spirit because you are always a part of Spirit even in human form, but because of the dross of being human you feel separated and alone.

Do not allow this to discourage you, even when you feel disenchanted and bitter. Turn yourself within and allow yourself to uncover the channel of energy that runs through you at all times. Allow yourself to “taste” the love vibration that exists within you and know that it is not the dribble you perceive, but is instead an ocean flowing within you.

Part of the challenge of being human is discovering this connection to spirit and reconnecting it to you on a conscious level. Part of the challenge of reaching that goal is learning to love yourself even though you hate yourself to some degree.

Do not fear – EVERYONE hates his or herself to some degree. All go through the challenge of being honest with themselves before they can begin the challenge of healing and loving themselves and then finding the current of love energy that belongs to spirit within.

It all takes time and no one gets there before they are meant to. No one can do it for you, but remember – you are never alone and help is always there, waiting for you to ask for that help.